Small Projects

This is a list of current  small topics. Each question  will be linked to a specific owner or owners and will have  a standard definition.

Major Projects

  • Lost Medieval Village of Tadley             Lead: all
  • Reading University Geophysics              Lead: Steve and Carol
  • Tadley at War                                             Lead:Carol, Ian
  • Data/ Map Project                                    Lead:Steve, Richard and Ali
  • Major Roller                                               Lead Ian
  • Archive                                                        Lead Carol and Steve

Minor Projects

  • Blue Gown                                                  Lead:Carol
  • Saulis/Tadley Roll                                      Lead:Carol
  • Quakers                                                       Lead:Steve and Carol
  • Noah Blake                                                 Lead Steve & Ali
  • Windmills and fishponds                        Lead: Steve
  • Portway                                                       Lead Richard
  • St Peters                                                     Lead: Richard and Carol
  • Roller                                                          Lead: Ian
  • Saulis / Tadley roll                                   Lead: Steve and Carol
  • History of Tadley/Wyford

Physical Projects                                      Lead: All

    • USAAF plaque                                 Lead: Carol
    • Calendar                                         Lead: Ian
    • Memorial Plaque                           Lead: Carol
    • Local walks                                      Lead: all

General questions                                    Lead: all:

      • Which side was Tadley on in the civil war?
      • What was the effects in Tadley of the Black death and great plague?
      • Where did the two turnpikes pass through Tadley?
      • Where was the second Quaker graveyard?
      • Was Tadley the dangerous outback with big houses like Fairlawn house and the Wilderness.
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