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For several years, TADS members have been recording items of local interest from the Hants and Berks Gazette 100 years ago. Edited highlights of this research were first published in the Society’s magazine, project news. The greater amount of space available on the website allows us to publish more of the original material.Items marked with a [C] have been photocopied and are kept in the TADS archives.

Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1902

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Date Page Village News
12/07/1902 6 Baughurst Coronation festivities expenses meeting; balance sheet presented.
12/07/1902 7 Tadley Hospital Sunday Service Parade collected £17.11s.4d for Royal Berkshire Hospital.
19/07/1902 6 Baughurst Choir treat Entertained by Revd Crowley in Rectory; evening games enjoyed.
19/07/1902 7 Silchester Ashe Lane farmer found partridge nest Eggs saved; placed under a hen and hatched.
02/08/1902 3 Tadley Cricket Match v Old St Michaels names of players.
02/08/1902 4 Brimpton Common Sale of Blacknest Estate 7 lots (inc Blacknest House, Lower Built Place, Ashford Hill Bridfield, Tanhouse Cottages).
02/08/1902 5 Ramsdell Choir outing to Portsmouth
02/08/1902 7 Tadley Coronation committee meeting held in the Board School. A resolution to celebrate the coronation on Saturday 9 August was passed and sub-committees formed.
09/08/1902 8 Baughurst Tabernacle Anniversary Service
16/08/1902 5 Tadley Tadley school Parent, Annie Stacey, warned about Ivy s absences.
16/08/1902 6 Tadley Wedding William Kemp married Sarah E E Savage at St Mary s Church; peals from old village bells.
16/08/1902 8 Various Edward VII Coronation celebrations [C]
23/08/1902 5 Silchester Wedding Caroline May Cooper married J C Bell.
23/08/1902 7 Pamber Horticultural Society Bramley, MS, P & SStJ Horticultural Society annual show – lots of names
23/08/1902 7 Baughurst Reading Temperance Prize Band held a concert in James Meadow.
23/08/1902 7 Baughurst Indecent assault George Kernutt assaulted Gertrude Cullum.
06/09/1902 6 Aldermaston Brass tablet erected in Parish Church – memory of T S Cambridge
06/09/1902 6 Aldermaston Attack on Keyser s gamekeeper His wounds were stitched in the Tadley surgery.
20/09/1902 5 Silchester Volunteer Church Parade K Co Cyclists from Basingstoke. [C]
20/09/1902 5 Pamber Postponed coronation events. [C]
04/10/1902 6 Tadley Harvest Festival Services am: St Mary s & Parish Church; pm: St Saviour s. Offering to Royal Berkshire Hospital.
11/10/1902 1 Baughurst Sale of 90 acres of valuable ripe underwood By auction at The Dragon Inn , Baughurst. [C]
11/10/1902 7 Baughurst Jumble sale £15 raised in aid of clearing off a debt on a new school piano which was purchased last winter. [C]
11/10/1902 7 Pamber Harvest Thanksgiving Band of the Pamber Heath Church Lads Brigade played; “some two dozen people were unable to gain admission due to room being crowded to excess”. [C]
11/10/1902 8 Tadley Cricket Club Wind-up match on Recreation Ground, followed by “a capital dinner” at The Fighting Cocks .
11/10/1902 8 Silchester Harvest Thanksgiving Service
11/10/1902 8 Silchester Cricket Club dinner and wind-up.
18/10/1902 6 Baughurst Ebenezer Mission Hall Harvest Festival.
18/10/1902 6 Baughurst Primitive Methodist Chapel – band (?) played – funds to Circuit.
25/10/1902 6 Pamber Petty Sessions Unlighted vehicles “Noah Pike, gypsy and Thomas Rawlings, a loud voiced and rather brazen individual”. They were fined 5s each for driving carts with no lights; stopped by PC Pott. [C]
25/10/1902 7 Baughurst Harvest Thanksgiving Services
01/11/1902 Ramsdell Coronation committee – final meeting.
01/11/1902 Ramsdell Mothers Union lecture with slides by vicar attendance 60.
01/11/1902 8 Ramsdell Waif Saturday collection by children outside school £1.1s.3d to Dr Barnado s Homes.
06/11/1902 3 Tadley Tadley, Baughurst and Ewhurst Conservative and Unionist Association Mr Faber MP had a hearty welcome from the members on the occasion of a smoking concert held at the Parish Room, Tadley on Friday last week. [C]
08/11/1902 6 Pamber Wedding Edith Mears married Harold Melmoth at Pamber Church (Priory).
15/11/1902 7 Aldermaston Berkshire Assizes Serious charge of assault at the Berkshire Assizes (George Kernutt & Ernest George charged with “assaulting Gertrude Cullum with intent to ravish her…” “given six months with hard labour each” [C].
15/11/1902 7 Tadley Letter to editor re Mr Faber s visit to Tadley concerning school catchment areas in Tadley, Baughurst and Ewhurst.
22/11/1902 5 Silchester Silchester excavations Dinner for the workmen at the close of the season s work; Mr Mills Stephenson FSA was in charge of dig. [C]
22/11/1902 5 Silchester Tadley School Concert in school programme of music listed. [C]
22/11/1902 6 Baughurst Waif Saturday Collection for Dr Barnado s Homes by local (named) scholars; the total of £3.6s.8d exceeded last year s by 18s 5d. [C]
22/11/1902 8 Pamber Death of Mrs Hall Mother of Misses Halls, teachers at local school. Funeral was held at the Old Priory .
29/11/1902 No entries
06/12/1902 6 Silchester A talk about Silchester Common by G F North, agent for Duke of Wellington (Lord of the Manor). [C]
06/12/1902 6 Tadley Waif Saturday Collection amounted to £1.12s.2d. Collectors named. [C]
13/12/1902 6 Baughurst New outside church lamp erected; was lighted on Sunday. [C]
13/12/1902 6 Pamber Death of Mr Charles Chapple age 62, landlord of The Plough . [C]
13/12/1902 8 Pamber Court Alledged theft of rabbit skins by Noah Pike, gypsy. £3 bail in Basingstoke Police.
20/12/1902 3 Baughurst Concert organised by Mr Smith in school (Dr Langley performed).
20/12/1902 3 Tadley Lecture on Alcohol and the Blood to upper school scholars. Proficiency certificates given to 29 children (all named). [C]
20/12/1902 3 Ramsdell Lecture to school children on Alcohol and the Blood . [C]
20/12/1902 3 Ramsdell Pig Club Supper in schoolroom. [C]
20/12/1902 6 Ramsdell Death of David Undecimue Leavy.
20/12/1902 8 Pamber Division Petty Sessions about a rabbit skin (Noah Pike); case dismissed. [C]
27/12/1902 8 Tadley Improvement (by half hour) to Tadley postal delivery and collection.

Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1903

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Date Page Village News
03/01/1903 6 Tadley School Board – Increase of salary for the two teachers from £160 to £165 per annum – Miss Kimber (the new mistress) was to be paid 4s per week.
03/01/1903 8 Silchester Church bells on New Year s Eve. [C]
03/01/1903 8 Silchester Church Sunday School Christmas and Magic Lantern Entertainment. [C]
03/01/1903 8 Silchester Band of Hope (Primitive Methodist Chapel) Tea . [C]
03/01/1903 8 Silchester Annual Dinner at The Crown Inn Lots of names of members (residents?). [C]
10/01/1903 6 Baughurst Police changes: PC Fell superannuated PC Gregory transferred from Headley to Baughurst.
10/01/1903 8 Tadley Death of Mrs Harvey funeral write-up. [C]
10/01/1903 8 Tadley Inquiry at The Malt House Inn by coroner on body of James Clarke wife of Ann Bowman – full inquest details. [C]
10/01/1903 8 Tadley Serious accident to Vicar of Kingsclere stand-in vicar was wired for . [C]
17/01/1903 6 Baughurst Annual Tea and Treat for Tabernacle Sunday School – Xmas Tree. Book prizes for attendance awarded to Margaret Smith, Florence Butler, Albert Hedges, Frederick Hedges, Robert, Richard and Joseph Smith.
24/01/1903 6 Baughurst Annual tea for Church Sunday School – Prizes for attendance to Ellis Jones, Dorothy Allen, Herbert James, Evelyn Allen, Carrie Webb, Edward Shrive and Mable Appleby.
24/01/1903 8 Silchester Marriage of Miss Minnie Goddard and James Fisher – write-up includes guests and presents given. [C]
31/01/1903 6 Tadley School Board – Rose Stacey s (new monitoress) application to be a pupil teacher considered. School enlargement (extension) (ongoing) cheque to builders approved.
07/02/1903 7 Tadley Ronald Vernon s original Dioramic Exhibition of Canada in Church Room. [C]
14/02/1903 4 Silchester Dickens Farm, Silchester, will not now be offered by auction.
21/02/1903 5 Mortimer Inquest at The Turner s Arms – Frederick Taylor, age 53, who died from a fall into a local gravel pit. [C]
21/02/1903 5 Tadley Concert in the Church Iron Room – Dr Langley and Mr H Morris were the main entertainers. [C]
21/02/1903 6 Silchester Death and funeral of Mrs E Stacey, age 36. She leaves a husband and family of seven little ones. [C]
21/02/1903 6 Silchester Death and funeral of Mrs Ellen Hayward, age 40, wife of Mr J G Hayward of Compton , Silchester. [C]
21/02/1903 6 Silchester Concert organised by Miss Langshaw at Silchester School provided first-rate entertainment. [C]
21/02/1903 6 Charter Alley Band of Hope meeting – in the Primitive Methodist Church. There were recitations and duets; also a gramophone, which amused the children. [C]
21/02/1903 6 Little London Twenty seven members entered the Slate Club . [C]
21/02/1903 7 Tadley A Long Night Dance in connection with the dancing class took place in the Church Room; 60 to 70 present. [C]
21/02/1903 7 Tadley Death of Mrs Fidler of Tadley Hill, sister to Mrs Hussey. Funeral was in Welford, using a single horse hearse for whole distance. [C]
21/02/1903 7 Baughurst Magic Lantern Entertainment, illustrating mission work in West Africa in Tabernacle by Mr F W Webber of Basingstoke. [C]
28/02/1903 7 Tadley School board monthly report.
28/02/1903 8 Ramsdell Medical Officer of Health closed Ramsdale School on account of an epidemic of mumps.
07/03/1903 4 Tadley Sale of 350 splendid oak trees standing in Brown Hill Wyford, Bishop s Woods coppices and near Skates Farm. [C]
14/03/1903 7 Tadley An evening of Song at the Primitive Methodist Chapel with Miss E Cripps at the harmonium. Collection in aid of Sunday School funds [C]
14/03/1903 7 Tadley Board School children examined in religious knowledge. [C]
14/03/1903 7 Tadley Sympson s Charity Annual Parish Meeting – accounts were produced and passed. Letter from Mr Roller re the taking of gravel from the common was read, also a War Office letter re manoeuvres this coming summer. [C]
14/03/1903 7 Tadley Death and funeral of Mrs Langley of Kiln House Tadley – this death cast quite a gloom among the parishioners of Tadley and surrounding districts. [C]
21/03/1903 2 Mortimer Coroner s report on the murder of the daughter of Elizabeth and Eli West.
21/03/1903 5 Basingstoke Work has begun on Basingstoke s new red brick railway station. Completion expected in Spring 1905.
28/03/1903 Baughurst For Sale – 3 Strong Store Pigs apply A Bowman, Baughurst
28/03/1903 7 Tadley Wooton and Tadley School Board – epidemic of sore throats.
04/04/1903 8 Silchester Sad death of Mrs (George) Nash
04/04/1903 8 Silchester Parish meeting – wind up of Coronation Committee; £11 surplus.
04/04/1903 8 Silchester Cricket Club meeting.
11/04/1903 5 Ramsdell Ramsdale school drainage problem.
11/04/1903 5 Baughurst Lecture by rector – The Passion .
11/04/1903 5 Tadley Attempted wife murder and suicide Tadley.
18/04/1903 6 Baughurst Annual Public Tea in Tabernacle.
18/04/1903 6 Baughurst Vestry and annual parish meeting.
18/04/1903 7 Tadley Shocking Occurrence at Tadley – husband murderously attacks his wife. [C]
18/04/1903 8 Aldermaston Fire among rods stored at wharf – fire engines from Englefield House and Strange s Brewery attended. [C]
18/04/1903 8 Ramsdell Sudden death of labourer – George Barrett age 6.
25/04/1903 2 Baughurst Parish council meeting. [C]
25/04/1903 2 Baughurst AGM of Tadley, Baughurst and Ewhurst Unionist Association. [C]
25/04/1903 2 Tadley Easter services at Primitive Methodist Chapel with local bands. [C]
25/04/1903 5 Silchester Sad death of Miss Ann Elizabeth Dicker, age 45, of Dicker s Farm.
25/04/1903 8 Baughurst Liberal Party meeting – address by G Judd, Liberal candidate West Hants Division.
02/05/1903 4 Pamber For Sale – 9 strong store pigs, 9 weeks old – F Hunt Pamber Green.
02/05/1903 5 Silchester Funeral of Mrs Ann Elizabeth Dickers.
02/05/1903 6 Pamber Death of oldest inhabitant, Mrs Ann Chapple, widow of the late John Chapple. [C]
02/05/1903 8 Tadley Concert in Church Mission Hall – special praise to Idenden family as amateur instrumentalists. [C]
09/05/1903 4 Baughurst For sale – butter churn – makes 3 lbs. £1 – A H Bowman Upper Farm Baughurst.
16/05/1903 6 Silchester An artist s tenancy – debt of £6 rent; Basingstoke County Court. [C]
16/05/1903 6 Silchester A Silchester grocery business – a bogus transfer against Mrs S Young. [C]
16/05/1903 7 Silchester Silchester Common – alleged encroachment – action by The Duke of Wellington against Mr Yates faggot pile . [C]
16/05/1903 7 Pamber Farmer s claim action against Mr Wm Follett of Ravenscroft Farm. [C]
16/05/1903 7 Baughurst Death of oldest inhabitant – Mrs Charlotte Hawkins, age 97.
16/05/1903 7 Baughurst Hospital Sunday Parade – £20 1s 8d to Royal Berks Hospital. [C]
23/05/1903 7 Baughurst Confirmation Service in Parish Church – 27 candidates.
30/05/1903 2 Silchester Silchester Common – the alleged encroachments; Duke of Wellington v Mr Yates (grocer). [C]
30/05/1903 3 Silchester Cricket match – Silchester v Padworth (playes names included).
30/05/1903 3 Mortimer Cricket match – Mortimer West End v Bucklebury Fireside (with names).
30/05/1903 5 Tadley Tadley Hospital Parade – notice of public meeting in Iron Room.
30/05/1903 6 Ramsdell School Drainage Question.
06/06/1903 Eton Fire at Eton College – 2 boys burnt to death.
06/06/1903 5 Silchester Sad Death of Mrs Knight (29), wife of Henry Knight.
06/06/1903 6 Mortimer Another sad death – Edward Giles (21), a Silchester cricketer.
06/06/1903 7 Baughurst Primitive Methodists held their annual camp meeting service.
13/06/1903 Basingstoke T Burberry advert: Clear on Saturday June 13 at 11 o clock am, we give away 1000 hats (one to each customer) on the occasion of purchasing entire stock of Mr G Overton, Draper, of 42 Aston Road, Birmingham. [C]
13/06/1903 1 Silchester Messrs J Goddard, undertakers of Silchester, have now obtained a single horse hearse. [C]
13/06/1903 2 Silchester Silchester Excavations – details of last year s work expenditure £500. [C]
13/06/1903 7 Silchester Encroachments on Silchester Common – Judgement for Lord of Manor. [C]
20/06/1903 7 Charter Alley Sunday School Anniversary at Primitive Methodist Church.
27/06/1903 6 Baughurst Choir treat to perform at Winchester Church Festival.
27/06/1903 6 Baughurst Parish Council Quarterly meeting in schoolroom – request gravel-pit extension.
27/06/1903 7 Ramsdell Rev S Leadbetter of Southampton, and former vicar of Ramsdale, has effected an exchange with Rev J E Hatch of Plumpton.
27/06/1903 8 Aldermaston Masonic Lodge elected Brother W G Crombie as their Worshipful Master.
04/07/1903 7 Mortimer Conviction and sentence – Elizabeth West, wife of Eli West, for killing of her new-born child. [C]
04/07/1903 7 Tadley Hospital Parade headed by Tadley, Baughurst and Salvation Army bands. [C]
05/07/1903 5 Kingsclere John Porter erected a stone in Kindsclere Churchyard in memory of his wife.
07/07/1903 7 Tadley The Fighting Cocks destroyed by fire; landlord (Thomas Benham) injured. [C]
18/07/1903 6 Tadley Death of Mrs Hannah Huzzey (aged 76) of Tadley Hill. [C]
18/07/1903 6 Silchester Sale by auction of building sites on Silchester Common. [C]
18/07/1903 8 Aldermaston Reading Natural History Society spent the afternoon in the grounds of Aldermaston Court.
18/07/1903 8 Mortimer Charge of arson against John Simpson firing of wheat straw rick. [C]
25/07/1903 4 Tadley Notice – Stanley Villa now sold!
25/07/1903 8 Pamber A pretty wedding – Florence King (Elm Far) to William Bartlett. [C]
25/07/1903 8 Baughurst Anniversary services held at The Mission Hall.
01.08.1903 2 Mortimer West End 2nd Annual Horticultural show – big write-up with many names.
01.08.1903 6 TAD Tadley Day celebrations, a revival of Revel Monday. [C]
01.08.1903 8 SIL Silchester Primitive Methodist Connexion – annual Circuit meeting. [C]
08.08.1903 5 Baughurst Foreign Mission garden meeting.
08.08.1903 8 Mortimer West End Horticultural Show prize winners – lots of names.
15.08.1903 6 Baughurst Annual Government School Report – Band concert in Mr James meadow by the Reading Temperance Prize Band.
15.08.1903 7 Tadley Wootton & Tadley School Board – special meeting to approve payment for Tadley School enlargement and agreement to borrow £422 for Ramsdale School. [C]
15.08.1903 8 Ramsdell Ramsdale & Ewhurst Garden Exhibition in Holly Bush meadow. [C]
15.08.1903 8 Tadley Funeral of Miss Sarah Monger aged 21 at St Peter s. [C]
15.08.1903 8 Pamber Extraordinary ducks – eggs laid at nine weeks old. [C]
15.08.1903 8 Pamber Funeral of Miss Eliza Pether aged 87 of Ravenscroft Farm. [C]
15.08.1903 8 Silchester Temperance Fete in Mr G Ford s meadow. [C]
22.08.1903 5 Baughurst School treat for 120 national school children to Edward Allen s Manor Farm.
29.08.1903 5 Mortimer Primitive Methodist Sunday School Red Letter Day.
05.09.1903 1 Silchester Death on 29 August of John Bartlett, age 88, of Dial Cottage.
05.09.1903 6 Ashford Hill Funeral of the late Mrs T North (80).
05.09.1903 6 Silchester Dr Langley about again after recent bereavement.
05.09.1903 6 Silchester Visit of Revd and Mrs Fiennes, former rector.
05.09.1903 6 Silchester Death and funeral of John Bartlett.
12.09.1903 1 Charter Alley Birth of a son to John Stanley of Pitts Lanes Farm.
12.09.1903 5 Baughurst Great storm of last Thursday night local damage.
12.09.1903 6 Baughurst Election of Manager for National School on Parish Council. Mr Goodenough offered himself but no seconder; J Smith proposed and seconded.
19.09.1903 7 Silchester Hampshire Field Club visit to Silchester Calleva Atrebatum.
26.09.1903 7 Tadley Final meeting of Tadley and Wooton School Board.
10.10.1903 8 Ramsdell Wedding of Miss Emily Alfreda Dove to Mr Frederick John Whitear of Anstey Mill, Alton at Christ Church Ramsdale.
10.10.1903 8 Ewhurst The Duke of Wellington had the honour of dining with the King.
17.10.1903 6 Tadley Harvest Thanksgiving Service at Congregational Church led by Pastor W Robilliard. Magic Lantern show on 37 years rescue work among Waifs . [C]
17.10.1903 6 Baughurst Harvest Thanksgiving at Primitive Methodist Church.
24.10.1903 7 Tadley Primitive Methodist Chapel Harvest Thanksgiving Mr Gould.
24.10.1903 7 Baughurst Parish Church Harvest Thanksgiving Service conducted by Rev Crowley.
24.10.1903 8 Silchester Harvest Thanksgiving at Parish Church of St Mary. Rev Longshaw. [C]
24.10.1903 8 Pamber Harvest Thanksgiving Revd Sweetapple presided.
24.10.1903 8 Little London Harvest Thanksgiving at Mission Church led by Revd Sweetapple. Thanks given to J Herbert Benyon (owner of church) for recent renovations.
07.11.1903 5 Silchester Report of 1903 Calleva excavations. [C]
07.11.1903 5 Silchester Wedding of Miss Fanny Yates to Henry James Shering – names of attendees. [C]
21.11.1903 5 Silchester Testimonial to Mr A Smallbone – presented with cash present on his move.
21.11.1903 6 Basingstoke King and Queen of Italy passed through Basingstoke station en route to Windsor.
21.11.1903 7 Tadley Primitive Methodist Chapel Mission services – with collections for Missions.
21.11.1903 7 Baughurst Parish Council letter to District Council re “…dangerous condition of wooden footbridge at Haughurst Hill and bad state of Dunkets Lane…”. [C]
28.11.1903 7 Tadley Band of Hope recently enrolled 80 juveniles. [C]
28.11.1903 7 Silchester Managers appointed under new Education Act. [C]
28.11.1903 7 Silchester Band of Hope annual tea and entertainment (80 children, 40 adults). [C]
05/12/1903 6 Tadley Petty Sessions – alleged cruelty to a horse at Tadley by Alfred Hewlett and his son – case dismissed. [C]
05/12/1903 6 Baughurst Waif Saturday – collection for Dr Barnardo s – £215s 0d; collectors named. [C]
05/12/1903 8 Pamber Heath Accident to Mr James Smith, of Yew Tree Cottage Laundry, Pamber, as he was returning home with washing in pony and trap.
12/12/1903 6 Tadley Church Lads Brigade – inspection by Major Dunne at Heath End Church.
12/12/1903 6 Baughurst Entertainment by the Baughurst Snowdrop minstrels in the schoolroom. [C]
12/12/1903 6 Silchester Concert in the Impstone Reading Room by permission of Mr J J Cooper. [C]
12/12/1903 8 Ramsdell Waif Saturday collection for Dr Barnardoís – £1.5s.7d.
12/12/1903 8 Ramsdell Cricket Club committee meeting.
12/12/1903 8 Mortimer Band of Hope entertainment in Congregational Church.
12/12/1903 8 Tadley Arthur Stacey fined 10s for being asleep while in charge of horse and cart.
26/12/1903 Silchester Visit of Church Army Van.
26/12/1903 Silchester Church Choir and Ringers Supper in Silchester schoolroom.
26/12/1903 5 Ramsdell Revd Joseph Fuller, vicar of Ramsdale 1867 – 1893, died on 2 December.
26/12/1903 7 Silchester Death and Burial of Mr John Pope aged 66.
26/12/1903 7 Silchester Entertainment in the Primitive Methodist Chapel.

Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1904

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Issue date Page Village Combination
02/01/1904 8 Ramsdell Local Hampshire Friendly Society – quarterly meeting in schoolroom.
02/01/1904 8 Ramsdell Sunday School Christmas treat.
09/01/1904 5 Little London Slate Club – end of year pay-out to 15 members – 15s 9d each.
09/01/1904 5 Silchester School reopens after holiday repairs and redecoration by Messrs Goddard and Sons. [C]
09/01/1904 5 Silchester Sad accident in the Church – to Mr James Goddard who was taken up by the tenor bell and dropped down amongst the seats”. He is progressing favourably. [C]
09/01/1904 5 Silchester “1903 has rolled away”. Remembered for its continuous rains and the disastrous times for farmers. Nevertheless 52 people sat down to the annual dinner. [C]
09/01/1904 5 Ramsdell Pig Club – annual meeting of Ramsdale Pig Club held in School room. [C]
09/01/1904 6 Baughurst Annual Christmas Tea given to scholars of the Tabernacle School
09/01/1904 6 Baughurst Bell ringers supper on New Year s Eve
16/01/1904 3 Mortimer West End Vicarís Entertainment – Invitation by Rev and Mrs Rooke followed by Sunday School tea next day
16/01/1904 3 Bramley Bramley Foresters New Year Supper – Court Number 5525 also called The Pride of Bramley Street . This is quite a large write-up with plenty of detail and names.
16/01/1904 7 Baughurst Scholars attending Church Sunday school and Girls Friendly Society were invited to the Rector s for tea.
23/01/1904 5 Silchester Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band plays in Primitive Methodist Chapel.
23/01/1904 8 Baughurst Rector distributed George Lamb prizes to Elsie Appleton, Beatrice Appleton, Frederick Riley and Frederick Kent.
30/01/1904 8 Baughurst Mission visit of No 1 Winchester Church Army van.
30/01/1904 8 Baughurst School report of Religious Education was satisfactory.
30/01/1904 8 Baughurst Wedding in Parish Church – Miss Annie Long and Mr Albert Woods.
12/02/1904 Tadley Passive Resistance Movement – Local passive resisters league formed; 30 ratepayers joined.
12/02/1904 8 Tadley Entertainment given at Congregational Church by Silchester Choir.
20/02/1904 Ashford Hill Sale of goods of the Passive Resisters from Ashford Hill and Burghclere, for not having paid the educational portion of the Poor Rate. [C]
20/02/1904 Tadley Entertainment by Silchester Methodist Choir in the Chapel.
20/02/1904 Baughurst Lantern lecture by Dr Sweetapple, Rector of Monk Sherborne, on the Introduction of Christianity into this country .
20/02/1904 7 Silchester School Concert.
05/03/1904 6 Silchester Gorse Fire last Tuesday near a thatched cottage.
05/03/1904 6 Silchester Hydes Charity – Richard Hyde – 14s to each of the poorest parishioners.
05/03/1904 6 Baughurst Lecture in schoolroom by the Rector.
05/03/1904 8 Silchester Entertainment in Primitive Methodist Chapel in aid of the new organ fund .
19/03/1904 5 Tadley Resistence to Education Act of 1902 has reached Tadley – meeting in schoolroom.
19/03/1904 6 Baughurst Annual parish meeting in school-scanty attendance-yearís expenses £1.13.3d.
9.4.1904 6 Tadley Cricket match at The Fox & Hounds: Married v Singles, followed by a nice spread .
9.4.1904 6 Pamber Pretty wedding at Priory Church. Ernest J Stamp married Martha Jane Hughes, both of Pamber.
9.4.1904 8 Mortimer West End Death and funeral of Matthew Ford, senior partner of George Ford & Sons, farmer, timber and underwood merchants. He was also well known as a valuer and measuring surveyor.
9.4.1904 8 Tadley Sparrow Club supporters and members annual dinner at Old Malt House. Report showed 1,170 birds had been caught with funds in a flourishing condition.
9.4.1904 8 Silchester New burial ground at the churchyard to be consecrated by Bishop of Southampton.
9.4.1904 8 Baughurst Inquest at The New Inn on the body of Nellie Maria Kernutt, age 6 daughter, of Isacc Kernutt. [C]
9.4.1904 8 Little London Service of Song, entitled Eva at the Mission Church. [C]
9.4.1904 8 Little London Sparrow Club dinner at The Old Plough Inn. Funds showed 9s 3d with 778 sparrows being taken. [C]
16.4.1904 7 Baughurst Easter Vestry Meeting – small attendance. [C]
23.4.1904 7 Various Annual meeting of Ewehurst, Baughurst and Tadley Conservative Association.
30.4.1904 7 Baughurst Advance notice of Hospital Sunday Parade on 8 May.
7.5.1904 4 Baughurst Auction sale of picturesque thatched cottage known as Browning Hill Cottage.
14.5.1904 8 Silchester Elliot’s Farm abandoned by tenant, Mr G Parker.
21.5.1904 6 Baughurst Presentation to the Rector and his wife on their leaving by Mr Stokes of Inhurst House.
28.5.1904 Baughurst Primitive Methodist Church Camp Meeting in Mr Bowman’s field.
28.5.1904 Tadley Congreational Sunday School anniversary followed in evening by a service of song entitled Blind Betty’s Text . Attendance well above 400. [C]
28.5.1904 Tadley Court Pride of Tadley (Foresters’) fete and dinner at The Fox and Hounds.
28.5.1904 7 Silchester Arson to a barn by Henry Waite, property of trustees of Hyde’s Charity.
4.6.1904 4 Mortimer For sale – Good sound building bricks ; apply C Mordell and Sons Brickworks Mortimer.
4.6.1904 5 Mortimer Passive Resisters (to education act rate) fined.
4.6.1904 7 Silchester Fire at Shepards Barn (Hyde’s Charity) – case dismissed.
18.6.1904 6 Baughurst Primative Methodist Chapel anniversay services throughout the day conducted by Mr J Pike of Thatcham. Collections amounted to £1.13s.11/2d.
18.6.1904 6 Tadley Tadley and District Hospital Parade to be held on 26 June.
25.6.1904 7 Baughurst Death and funeral of Mrs Leavey (75), wife of George Leavey, late of Baughurst. Funeral conducted by vicar Revd Durham.
2.7.1904 6 Baughurst Parish Council quartley meeting Mr Kimbrey, of Footpaths Committee, authorised to see Mr Bowman re barbed wire obstruction through Bolts from Baughurst Road to Violet Lane. [C]
2.7.1904 6 Baughurst Induction of Rev W S Steggall – late curate at Fleet. [C]
2.7.1904 6 Tadley Tadley and District Hospital Parade with Tadley Baughurst Silchester Salvation Brass bands. [C]
9.7.1904 7 Mortimer Mortimer West End Horticultural Show to be held 21 July on meadow land adjacent to Weat End Farm, by kind permission of Mr F C Hume).
16.7.1904 6 Pamber Garden boundary dispute – William Broadhurst v Esan Wigley on Pamber Road.
16.7.1904 8 Silchester Funeral of Mr Charles Clift (31); second funeral in new graveyard.
16.7.1904 8 Silchester Cottage fire – owned by Mrs Bowman occupied by her nephew.
23.7.1904 5 Mortimer Horticultural Show results – [lots of names].
23.7.1904 5 Charter Alley Pmimitive Methodist Chapel anniversary – 500 sat down for tea!!
30.7.1904 8 Silchester Childrens outing to Portsmouth and Southsea, by train from Bramley station, arranged by Mrs Thatcher, headmistress. [C]
30.7.1904 8 Pamber Flower Service at Priory Church with a contingent from Little London Sunday School – flowers sent to Basingstoke Cottage Hospital. [C]
30.7.1904 8 Tadley Annual Tadley Revel – was kept on Monday last. Included cricket match on Recreation Ground, followed by capital spread at The Fighting Cocks.
6.8.1904 7 Baughurst School Treat – Primitave Methodist Church Sunday School held in Mr Pearce’s meadow.
13.8.1904 2 Inhurst Sale of Grantham s Farm and Haughurst Hill Meadow, Inhurst. [C]
13.8.1904 2 Silchester To Let – Hall’s Farm, Silchester; to include farmhouse, buildings and about 70 acres with a good supply of water. [C]
13.8.1904 6 Tadley Friendly game of cricket at The Fox and Hounds, between Tadley Sycamore and Wolverton Park clubs; followed by a spread by Mrs Butler with time spent in harmony later.
13.8.1904 6 Ramsdell Ramsdale and Ewhurst Cottage Garden Society – flower show at Holly Bush in Mr F Allen’s meadow. [lots of names] [C]
20.8.1904 6 Silchester Theft of money (£12) from James Wheeler’s carrier cart – given a lenient sentence of two months hard labour. [C]
20.8.1904 6 Pamber Inquest at The Old House at Home on Arthur Bowler, age 56. [C]
20.8.1904 6 Baughurst Special Parish Council Meeting held in Schoolroom. [C]
20.8.1904 6 Baughurst School Treat for 110 scholars attending the National School held in Rectory grounds. [C]
27.8.1904 6 Baughurst Scholars of National School scored very successfully in Needlework and Knitting competition at the Kingsclere Flower Show.
3.9.1904 5 Tadley Charge of Assult William Grainger charged Abraham Cotterell of Tadley. Case adjourned. [C]
3.9.1904 5 Tadley The Education Rate – eight Tadley men summonded for non-payment of Poor Rate relating to education. [C]
3.9.1904 5 Woolhampton Car ran into one of the horses of Duke of Wellington and his two sons – too fast and dusty to see number. [C]
3.9.1904 6 Aldermaston Abbey Gateway Mission (Reading) outing to Aldermaston Court by kind permission of Mr Keyser. [C]
10.9.1904 4 Pamber Sale of household furniture and outdoor effects at The Old Hatchet, public house.
10.9.1904 4 Basingstoke Sale of Basingstoke Canal by Public Auction. Canal little used – expectation of electric barges. [C]
10.9.1904 4 Baughurst To Let – Tho Smiths , old established business in rising neighbourhood. Apply H Shearing Baughurst.
10.9.1904 6 Baughurst Sermon at parish Church preached on behalf of Church Missionary Society.
17.9.1904 4 Tadley Vyne Tree Farm, Tadley. – Sale of live and dead stock.
1.10.1904 7 Aldermaston Harvest Festival at parish church – lesson by C E Keyser. Collection £5.10s.7d to Royal Berks Hospital.
1.10.1904 8 Silchester Death of Mr William David Baker.
1.10.1904 8 Silchester Death of Mrs Ann Cooper – wife of James Cooper, caretaker of the Roman remains, who was always very proud to wear his Crimean medals on special days.
1.10.1904 8 Silchester Silchester Cricket Club – cricket season wound-up.
8.10.1904 7 Tadley Harvest Festival – St Mary’s Church, Heath End; collection £2.1s.4d to the poor.
8.10.1904 7 Baughurst Silver Wedding of Mr and Mrs Goodenough of London House.
8.10.1904 7 Baughurst Harvest Festival at Primitive Methodist Chiuch; collection £6.1s.7d, to repairs and painting to chapel.
15.10.1904 7 Baughurst Harvest Festival at Parish Church – collection £3.4s.3d, to Basingstoke and Reading hospitals.
15.10.1904 7 Pamber Harvest Festival at Pamber Heath Mission Room.
15.10.1904 7 Tadley Harvest Festival – Both Churchs beautifully decorated.
22.10.1904 5 Silchester Funeral of Mrs Sheppard of Silchester.
22.10.1904 7 Baughurst Harvest Festival in Baughurst Tabernacle.
29.10.1904 7 Silchester Funeral of Mrs Hinds, wife of Sgt Hinds of 1st Hampshire Regiment; lots of names.
12.11.1904 7 Baughurst Reading Room of the Parish opened for the winter months by permission of the Rector – 1d per evening.
19.11.1904 5 Baughurst Mr F Goodenough (elder son of Mr and Mrs Goodenough of London House) won prize offered by Silchester Deanery for his essay on The Work of the Church in Modern Times .
26.11.1904 4 Baughurst Advert – H H Attwood begs to inform the inhabitants of Baughurst that he has taken over the old established business: Shoeing and jobbing smith – horses carefully shod.
26.11.1904 7 Baughurst Nigger Entertainment by the Snowdrop Ministrels in schoolroom – [full programme and lots of names]. [C]
3.12.1904 4 Pamber Heath Short Notice of Sale Elm Farm, Pamber, including furniture, dairy fittings and three horses; by instruction of Mr C King who is leaving the neighourhood. [C]
3.12.1904 5 Baughurst Mr Westwood of Cleethorpes has recently held an eleven day mission at the Primitive methodist Chapel.
3.12.1904 5 Baughurst Waif Saturday – collection in aid of Dr Barnado’s Homes – £2.12s. (with names of collectors).
3.12.1904 5 Silchester The affairs of Arthur James Goddard – summary of his debitors statements. [C]
3.12.1904 8 All Eathquake Shock in North Hants – felt in many local villages last Friday around midday. [C]
17.12.1904 4 Pamber Heath For Sale – Table fowl; P Tull, Pamber Heath.
17.12.1904 6 Silchester Bankruptcy of Mr A J Goddard, builder and contractor of Silchester, held at The Castle Winchester. [C]
17.12.1904 7 Baughurst Parish Council – Quarterly meeting request to Mr Bennett (woodman to Duke of Wellington) requesting bushes near the Pound and overgrowing the Church Path be cut. [C]
17.12.1904 7 Pamber Heath Sudden death of Mr Arthur Cripps inquest  held at the Old Hatchet Inn. Verdict: heart disease. [C]
24.12.1904 4 Basingstoke Local view post cards in stock at  The Gazette offices, Basingstoke; one penny each. (21 listed). [C]
24.12.1904 6 Baughurst School report of religious instruction by Revd G T Andrews (Diocesan Inspector).
31.12.1904 4 Baughurst Sale of freehold cottage by auction at The New Inn , Baughurst, by direction of executors of late Mrs D Kearl. Situated in Holly Bush Lane, Baughurst; currently rented to J Wallace and W North (annual rental £10.17s.6d). [C]
31.12.1904 8 Little London Slate Club wound-up at The Plough Inn . 27 members shared 26s.9d including 2/6 for the dinner.


Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1905

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Date Page Village News
7 January 5 Baughurst Choir invited to rector’s evening service on New Year’s Day.
7 January 5 Baughurst Pretty wedding of Arthur James of Causeway Farm and Jane Maylin of Baughurst.
14 January 6 Baughurst Social evening in schoolroom organised by Messrs Goodenough and Smith; songs by A Stacey and Mrs Goodenough.
21 January 6 Baughurst Tabernacle Sunday School Christmas tree and treat.
21 January 6 Baughurst Mothers’ Union and Girls Friendly Society treat.
21 January 6 Silchester Church choir and ringers social evening in school room.
21 January 6 Ramsdell Death of Mr H J Leavey age 45 (third son of the late George Leavey).
21 January 8 Tadley YPSCE – Basingstoke and District Endeavour Union meeting in Tadley
Congregational Chapel.
4 February 6 Baughurst Band of Hope entertainment in chapel. Mr P Appleton presiding.
11 February 7 Baughurst Social evening in schoolroom programme of dances, songs and recitations.
11 February 7 Baughurst Entertainment from Salvation Army in Primitive Methodist Chapel collection for lighting and fuel fund.
18 February 4 Silchester Auction sale of old fashioned six roomed cottage situated on the Common.
18 February 8 Tadley Visit of Mr G Judd, Liberal cadidate for West Hants, in the Iron
Room on Wednesday.
25 February 8 Ramsdell Childrens entertainment.
4 March 6 Silchester Entertainment in Primitive Methodist Chapel by the choir assisted by friends collection for Chapel funds.
4 March 7 Baughurst George Lamb Prize bibles distributed by the rector.
4 March 7 Baughurst Nigger concert by village snowdrop minstrels in schoolroom.
11 March 6 Baughurst Social evening in schoolroom with dances and songs. [C]
11 March 6 Baughurst Severe fire destroyed Ebeneser Mission Hall including fittings and
harmonium. [C]
18 March 5 Tadley Smoking concert in Room by Tadley, Baughurst and Ewehurst
Conservative and Unionist Assn.
18 March 5 Baughurst Entertainment in Primitive Methodist Chapel led by members of Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band.
25 March 6 Ramsdell Cricket Club committee meeting under Rev C R Dereham future matches requested with the Tadley Sycamores.
25 March 7 Tadley Sale by auction for executors of the late Mr Thomas Lambden at The Fighting Cocks of two brick and slate built cottages. [C]
25 March 8 Ramsdell Cycling accident Two ladies (not named) lost control of their machines on the Kingsclere Road. [C]
25 March 8 Ramsdell Night School Supper pupils entertained by Mr and Mrs Frogbrook. Some
students to continue cobbling in their homes. [C]
8 April 3 Baughurst Entertainment by Baughurst Band of Hope at a tea in Primitive
Methodist Chapel
8 April 7 Little London Sprarrow Club annual supper reported that a good numer of sparrows
were destroyed .
15 April 5 Silchester Lantern Services held on Wednesday at St Marys, Silchester
15 April 5 Silchester School managers meeting to discuss letting of the teacher’s house to
the County Council.
22 April 4 Basingstoke Burberry’s fire Good for pictures
22 April 6 Tadley Sparrow Club Annual Dinner at the Old Malthouse Inn. Report showed that 1,500 heads of sparrows had been ‘shewn in’ .. so that this vast number of birds will return no more to be a worry and a loss to gardeners and farmers… but plenty left and all kinds of schemes and devices have to be resorted to if a dish of green peas is to be enjoyed later on when the ducks are ready.”
22 April 8 Baughurst Parish meeting in the schoolroom Messrs James and Kimbrey re-appointed as Overseers. [C]
29 April 6 Baughurst Easter Vestry held in Schollroom. Mr Stokes of Inhurst house
re-elected as Rector’s Warden. [C]
29 April 6 Baughurst Primitive Methodists held their annual bazarr and tea on Good Friday in Mr Bowman’s barn. Proceeds devoted to renovation of Chapel and the reduction of debt on Wootton Circuit House. [C]
29 April 8 Baughurst Public Tea in Tabernacle on Good Friday, followed in the evening by
a Service. [C]
6 May 4 Basingstoke Letter to Editor about Burberry’s recent fire [C]
6 May 6 Baughurst Concert organised by Mrs Lyall of “Newbies”. Among visitors were Stoke’s (Inhurst Ho), Connel’s (Heath End Ho), Singleton’s (Baughurst Ho), Mrs Phillips (Wilderness) …etc… and Mr Opee (Pamber Heath). Concluding with dialogs by Mrs Roller. [C]
6 May 6 Tadley Sunday School anniversary services at Primitive Methodist Chapel. [C]
6 May 6 Mortimer West End Carriage apron stolen by Henry White from Mr Foster (Cllitty Fam) –
remanded in custody [C]
6 May 8 Baughurst Hospital Parade “red letter day of the village” route detailed 3,056 coins, 46lbs, £21 13s 11d to Reading Hospital [C]
13 May 8 Silchester Entertainment in Silchester Schools – £5 towards Choir Fund. [C]
20 May 7 Pamber Heath Sale of various properties at The College Arms.
27 May 3 Basingstoke Unusual advertisment for Burberry’s.
27 May 7 Baughurst County Council ordered parishes of Ewehurst and Baughurst be “disannexed” from Tadley polling district
27 May 7 Baughurst Cycle Club – first meeting – entrance fee 2s 6d and 6d per month. First run to Cottington Hill.
3 June 5 Tadley Quoit Match Malthouse Quoit Club versus Monk Serbourne. (names of
3 June 5 Baughurst Quoit Match at George and Dragon between teams of T Austin and G
Freeman (names ). [C]
10 June 6 Baughurst Cricket Club started in parish. F Stokes (Inhurst Ho) voted
17 June 6 Baughurst Camp Meeting in Primitive Methodist Chapel.
8 July 6 Tadley Dispute about Timber Work. Absolom Cottrell against John Buckland at
Bas. County Court. C
8 July 6 Baughurst Church Bells – meeting to decide about the repair – decision
landowners and residents to be approached
8 July 6 Tadley Dispute about Timber Work. Absolom Cottrell against John Buckland at
Bas. County Court. C
8 July 6 Baughurst Church Bells – meeting to decide about the repair – decision
landowners and residents to be approached
15 July 7 Ramsdell Return cricket match against Little London
22 July 7 Baughurst Annual Government reoprt on school
29 July 5 Mortimer WE Halter stolen at flower show
29 July 7 Baughurst Policeman posted . P.C. Gregory has been removed to Pennington and
succeeded by P.C. Oakley C
29 July 7 Baughurst Choir outing to Bournemouth, courtesy of Rector and churchwardens C
29 July 7 Baughurst Band concert, Reading Temperance Bandís annual concert in Mr Jameís
meadow at Causeway Farm C
5 August 8 Tadley Tadley Revel Monday Dinner provided by Mr Benham, landlord of
Fighting Cocks C
5 August 8 Tadley Forestersí Fete “Pride of Tadley” Court celebrated anniversary at
clubhouse, Fox & Hounds C
12 August 7 Baughurst Tabernacle Anniversary Services. Miss Scutler of Basingstoke
12 August 7 Baughurst School tea given by Rector and his wife
12 August 7 Ramsdell Cottage Garden show – Ramsdale and Ewhurst Garden Association at
Hollybush Meadow
19 August 7 Ramsdell Charge of housebreaking – John Weston accused of breaking into Mr
Thomas Powellís house
26 August 7 Aldermaston Thomas Eastman charged with firing two ricks at William Kempsís
farm. £200 damage. Discharged
2 September 6 Baughurst Lecture on National Defence by Colonel Lynden-Bell C
2 September 6 Baughurst Church Bells – special service after bells were repaired and re-hung
2 September 6 Tadley Silver Wedding celebrations. Mr & Mrs John Stacey celebrated 25th
anniversary (many names) C
9 September 3 Kingsclere Kingsclere Stable – Retirement of John Porter
16 September 4 Pamber Heath Sale of Tile Barn Farm by Mr James Smith (retiring from farming)
30 September Mortimer West End Congregational Church Harvest Thanksgiving Service in ëquaint little
30 September 6 Silchester Harvest Festival services at Primitive Methodist Chapel
7 October 6 Ramsdell Evening School commences on 10th. Particulars from Mr Frogbrook C
7 October 6 Ramsdell Tenant in prison. Order to eject John Weston from cottage at
Sheepwash, Ramsdale C
7 October 6 Baughurst Harvest Supper given by W.J. Walker Esq of Wolverton Park to his
farmworkers C
7 October 6 Pamber Heath Paying Rates Under Protest. Frank Kimber & Frederick Hunt summoned
for non-payment of sectarian priest rate after peaceful protest. C
7 October 8 Charter Alley Mammoth marrow grown by Mr Froome of West Heath 28″ long, 21″ round,
weighing 55lb
14 October 7 Baughurst Harvest Thanksgiving at primitive Methodist Chapel. Produce
auctioned and £4.16s raised
21 October 8 Silchester Harvest Festival at St Maryís
4 November 8 Baughurst Reading Room opened by kind permission Mr Stokes of Inhurst House –
games etc.
18 November 6 Baughurst Half-yearly audit of His Grace the Duke of Wellingtonís property in
George & Dragon C
18 November 6 Baughurst Waif Saturday. Annual collection by children of National School
£2.13s 6d. collected. Many names C
18 November 6 Silchester William Broadhurst ejected from cottage belonging to Duke of
Wellington. (Rent £4.10s p.a.) C
18 November 6 Baughurst Half-yearly audit of His Grace the Duke of Wellingtonís property in
George & Dragon C
18 November 6 Tadley ëA Bag of Nine Rabbitsí. Three Tadley boys accused of poaching.
Fined 10 shillings each C
18 November 7 Mortimer West End Lecture in Primitive Methodist Chapel ëThe Mischief Making Memberí
by Rev Pickett
25 November 6 Pamber Heath Arthur Long accused of stealing a sack of chaff valued at half a
crown C
25 November 8 Silchester Roman Ruins annual supper for dig members at The Crown Inn

Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1906

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Date Page Village News
1 January 2 Bramley Roman Road Silchester to Winchester discoveries.
6 January 4 Basingstoke For Sale 2 Pianos by Burberrys
6 January 5 Little London Slate Club Payout” £39.7s.6d gross, £30. 7s 6d nett.
6 January 8 Mortimer West End “The Rector’s Entainment” childrens tea, Christmas tree and presents
6 January 8 Woolhampton Christmas Service at St Catherines Church, Wolverton.
13 January 6 Charter Alley Pmimitive Methodist Chapel public tea in Chapel building
13 January 6 Silchester “Vine Hunt” fox ran into the village and was killed near
conservatory of Silchester Hall.
13 January 6 Silchester Wedding of Miss Emily Lavinia STEVENS (of Silchester) to Henry HALL
of Reading.
13 January 8 Silchester Slate Club Payout [no figures given].
13 January 8 Baughurst Choir and ringers supper in schoolroom.
13 January 8 Baughurst Sunday School and Mothers Union Trea book prizes awarded [scholars
20 January 5 Basingstoke North Hampshire General Election result – Jeffreys (Con) 4825:
Verney (Lab) 4705.
27 January [Nothing of note from our villages]
3 February 6 Silchester Entertainment and dance in schoolroom.
3 February 6 Aldermaston “Chain Ringing” in honour of wedding of Mr A T Wood and Miss D M
3 February 6 Baughurst Horticultural Society general meeting. Mr Stokes accepted the chair.
3 February 6 Ramsdell Miss Durham passed £1 2s. 6d. collected in village to Winchester
Catherdral Restoration Fund.
10 February 6 Baughurst Temperance and musical entertainment in Primitive Methodist Chapel
by Gospel Temperance Band .
17 February 6 Silchester “In Silchester City” a Roman Relic copied from The Morning Post.
24 February 5 Aldermaston Man drowned in canal Inquest (with Jury at Frond Farm) on Mr J C
24 February 8 Basingstoke Niorth Hants By-Election due to sudden Death of Hon.A F Jeffreys.
3 March 5 Pamber Marriage of Miss Gertie Bllewden and Mr Herbert Barter (list of
presents and givers appended). [C]
3 March 5 Baughurst Entertainment by Salvation Army Band at Primitive Methodist Chapel.
10 March 6 Silchester “A fox’s last visit to the poultry run” Vine Hunt (which met at the Pine Apple Brimpton) ran a fox into a paddock of poultry pens at “Trevids” Silchester (owned by Mr Herbert) where it was killed! [C]
10 March 6 Silchester Entertainment (in Schoolroom) of “Mirth and Harmony” attended by
over 100 villagers. [C]
10 March 8 Silchester Service at Primitive Methodist Chapel of sacred music Revd French
17 March [Nothing of note from our villages]
24 March 8 Aldermaston “Chain Ringers” 8 men of Oxford Diocise rang 5184 changes in 2 hours 56 minutes.
24 March 8 Pamber Death of Mr Leonard Beer, youngest son of landlady of The Pelican. [C]
24 March 8 Baughurst Inquest at The New Inn on William Roy Cripps (aged 4 months) Dr Langley attended.[C]
31 March 6 Pamber Funeral of Mr Leonard Beer. Buried in family grave at Congreational Burial Ground Tadley. [C]
31 March 6 Baughurst Meeting to consider arrangements for Annual Hospital Parade on 13
May. [C]
31 March 6 Baughurst Special weekday Lentern Services were well attended.
7 April 6 Aldermaston Annual Service for Mothers Union. [C]
7 April 6 Aldermaston Annual Parish meeting Mr C E Keyser presided. [C]
7 April 6 Aldermaston “Treat to the Choir” A day in London through the kindness of the Squire, Mr C E Keyser. [C]
7 April 6 Baughurst Parish Council quarterly meeting in schoolroom Mr A Roberts
Chairman. [C]
7 April 6 Tadley Mr Sidney Jewry brought action against Mr Walter West in respect of 13 days carpentry. [C]
7 April 6 Little London Sparrow Club annual supper at The Plough Inn. 2,054 sparrows were destroyed last year. [C]
7 April 6 Mortimer West End Indecent assult on a child. [C]
7 April 8 Pamber Service in Pamber Heath Mission Room in memory of the late Mr Leonard Beer.[C]
14 April 6 Baughurst Various sums of money sent to Church Missionary Society by Miss Smith of Church Cottage. [C]
21 April 6 Tadley Annual (Sunday) School Service at Primitive Methodist Chapel. [C]
21 April 6 Baughurst Annual Vestry meeting in schoolroom Mr Stokes was appointed Rector’s Warden.
21 April 6 Woolhampton Presentaition to Mr W Soper (clerk of Wolverton Church) of a purse containing £5. [C]
21 April 8 Silchester Lecture by Lieut Col Lynden Bell “Invasion Risks Our Food Supply”.[C]
21 April 8 Silchester Bank Holiday (Easter) visitors to “Ruins” and “Common”. [C]
21 April 8 Silchester Funeral of Commander H G W Thorgold RN,(list of names of those attending).
21 April 8 Tadley Annual Bazarr at Primitive Methodist Silchester Circuit held in Parish Room (lent by Rector). [C]
28 April 6 Baughurst Lecture on Boer War illustrated by lantern llides given by Col Enthoven poorly attended. [C]
28 April 6 Baughurst Cricket Match Baughurst Cricket club played first season match on Inhurst Ground. [C]
28 April 6 Tadley Quoits match against Monk Sherborne at The Fighting Cocks (names in teams given). [C]
5 May 8 Aldermaston Tha late Mr Highford Highford died last Saturday was former owner of Aldermaston Estate. [C]
5 May 8 Aldermaston Hanry North, stableman, of Reading charged with stealing goods valued £4 2s from stables. [C]
5 May 8 Tadley All 61 children living in Heath End invited to entertainment at Heath End House by Mrs McConnell. [C]
5 May 8 Baughurst Concert given by Mrs Lyell of Newbies in schoolroom in aid of parocial funds – including a dialogue by Mrs Roller.
12 May 5 Tadley William Lambdin summonded at Reading County Court for “cruelty to amare”. [C]
12 May 5 Silchester District Liberal Association for Silchester & Mortimer West End formed at Impstone Reading Rooms. [C]
12 May 5 Silchester Hon Randolph Adderly summonded at Reading County Bench for using “obscene language”. [C]
12 May 7 Tadley Death and funeral (at Congreational Chapel) of Mr Charles West (lots of names/relations).
19 May 5 Pamber Funeral of Mr W Follett of Ravenscot Farm at Pamber Priory [many names].
19 May 6 Baughurst Annual Hospital Sunday Parade £27 4s 2d collected including church collections.
19 May 6 Ramsdell Horse and cows astray between Vicarage and Skeers Farm owner Mr Percy Ireland.
19 May 6 Mortimer West End Mr Arthur Winter fined £5 at Divisional Petty Sessions for keeping unlicensed dogs. [C]
19 May 8 Silchester Roman Remains being resorected under Mr Mills Stephenson’s (FSA) supervision.
26 May 8 Aldermaston Cricket club annual meeting Mr C E Keyser appointed president.
26 May 8 Silchester Meeting in schoolroom to arrange forthcoming Hospital Sunday Parade.
26 May 8 Baughurst Cricket Match invitation of Mr F Kent Buller’s Farm between Ramsdale
and Baughurst boys. [C]
26 May 8 Woolhampton Annual Camp Meeting in a meadow (lent by Mr Bone) with Baughurst
Gospel Temperance Band. [C]
26 May 8 Tadley Wedding of Beatrice Stacey of Tadley Hill to Walter Hussey (late of
Vine Tree Farm) [names].
2 June 4 Tadley Sale of property at The Fox and Hounds on consequence of death of Mr H J Heath. “All Tadley and half of Baughurst turned up” Mostly cottages with names of successful bidders. [C]
2 June 6 Silchester Conference on Education Bill on behalf of Deanery of Silchester held at Rectory, Sherfield.
2 June 6 Silchester Probate granted re the late Cmdr Herbert William Thorold – died 14 April, age 51. Left £12,095.
9 June 5 Tadley Congregational Sunday School Anniversary. Recitations,dialogue and music. [C]
9 June 5 Ramsdell Garden Feteon Whit Tuesday held in picturesque gardens of Silchester Rectory [35 names].
16 June 6 Charter Alley Primitive Methodist Society Sunday School Anniversary, followed by public meeting. [C]
16 June 6 Pamber Excise prosecution John Smith summonded for keeping a dog without a licence. [C]
16 June 6 Pamber Before magistrates George Bartlett, labourer of Shinfield, charged with stealing a purse containing £1 0s 8d, property of William Broadhurst, labourer, of Pamber Heath. [C]
16 June 6 Mortimer West End Elizabeth Cook, single, seeking maintinance for her illegitimate child from John Yates the father . [C]
16 June 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist Chapel Flower Service Mr J F Cooper presided over the large congregation.
23 June 3 Silchester Silchester excavations exhibition of antiquities in Burlington House (Society of Antiquarians).
23 June 6 Baughurst Primitive Methodist Chapel held their annual service James Pike of Thatcham presided.
23 June 6 Pamber “About a Sussex Farm” Mr Richard Bell of The Hatchet formerly of Cowfold was the defandant in case brought by Mrs Margaret Louise Norris to recover £18 15s. rent for hired farm. [full case reported]. [C]
30 June 6 Silchester “Neighbours at Variance” At Divisional Petty Sessions Mrs Smallbone alleged Mrs Coleman had assaulted her – Case Dismissed – Bound over to “keep the peace”. Costs 2s. [full court case reported]. [C]
30 June 6 Baughurst Meeting of Conservatives and Unionists held in Reading Room – to reorganise the Association for Tadley and Baughurst. [C]
7 July 5 SIL Death of Miss Ellen Knight (23) dau.of Mr/Mrs George Knight, after lingering illness C
7 July 6 Mortimer West End At Hampshire Quarter Sessions Arthur Nickless (19), grocers assistant, was indicted for indecently assaulting Rhoda White (10) – sentence one month s imprisonment with hard labour C
7 July 6 Baughurst Cyclists of K Co.(Basingstoke) 1st Batt Hants Regiment attended Church Parade C
7 July 6 Baughurst Wedding of Mr Walter C Davis (Reading) and Miss Mabel West (Baughurst) C
14 July 6 SIL Rev E,G.French (Primitive Methodist) moved to Newbury. Rev Savage took over C
14 July 7 TAD Hospital Sunday Parade held on 24th June accompanied by many local bands C
14 July 8 SIL Hospital Sunday Parade held on June 29th with bands from Baughurst and Silchester C
14 July 8 SIL Rev Thomas Langshaw gone away on a three months tour. C
21 July 6 Baughurst Choir outing to Portsmouth – 14 members attended
28 July 5 Aldermaston Members of Aldermaston Masonic Lodge held their installation meeting at Hind s Head under presidency of Mr T Rowland Kent C
4 August 6 Baughurst “Sacred Concert” with Reading Temperance Band in garden lent by Mr D James of Causeway Farm – well attended.
4 August 8 SIL Recent Hospital Parade raised £20.4s.2d
11 August 5 Baughurst Baughurst and Tadley Garden Society exhibition and sports held in a meadow at Butlers Farm by permission of Mr F Kent
11 August 5 Aldermaston Dr W G Laws, a native of Aldermaston, retiring from London
Missionary Society
18 August 6 TAD Funeral of Elizabeth Savage, widow of the late Thomas Savage, at Tadley Churchyard on 8th Aug. C
25 August 5 Mortimer West End Presentation to Miss Letitia Young and Miss Fisher mistresses of the local schools for many years, was held in the schoolroom C
8 September 5 Ramsdell Sale of personal and household effect at Ferndale House
8 September 6 Aldermaston Coming of age festivities of Charles Norman Keyser, elder son of CE Keysey of Aldermaston Manor. [C]
8 September 8 Pamber Heath Inquest held at the Old Basing Union Infirmary on the body of Peter Long, aged 70 years. [C]
15 September 5 Ashford Hill Funeral of Mrs (Robert) Mundy of Fair Oak, Kingsclere Woodlands. Burial was in the Parish churchyard. [C]
15 September 6 Mortimer West End Wedding at St Saviours of Miss Mabel Lambsden of Stoney Hill and Mr James Smith of Ashford Hill (lots of names). [C]
15 September 6 Pamber Heath Death of Mr C W Froome (aged 33) of Pamber Heath. Funeral and Burial held at Tadley Congregational Chapel. [C]
22 September 6 Woolhampton Wedding at St Saviours, Forest Hill, of William Hedges (Hants Regimen) and Clara Catherine Chiffince of Wolverton. [C]
22 September 6 Baughurst Wind-up cricket match of the season between married and single members of Baughurst Cricket Club. [C]
29 September 5 Tadley Harvest Thanksgiving services at St Mary’s (Thursday evening) and on following Sunday at the Parish Church. [C]
6 October 6 Tadley Final cricket match of the season for the Tadley Sycamore Cricket Club (versus Haughurst Hill).
6 October 6 Baughurst Harvest Thanksgiving at Baughurst Parish Church.
6 October 6 Woolhampton Harvest Supper at Parish Church.
13 October 6 Tadley Harvest Thanksgiving held at Tadley Congreational Church on Sunday followed by Tea on Monday. [C]
13 October 6 Baughurst Primitive Methodists held their Harvest Thanksgiving Service. Funds to Chapel renovations and Sunday School. [C]
13 October 6 Woolhampton Death from consumption of Wallace Hedges. Burial was at Wolverton Churchyard. [C]
13 October 6 Little London Little London Cricket Club held their wind-up supper at The Plough Inn . Thirty members enjoyed a capital spread. [C]
20 October Nothing reported locally
27 October 6 Silchester Wedding of Miss Edith Goddard of Silchester and Mr Robert J F Payne at St Mary’s Church (lots of names). [C]
27 October 6 Pamber Heath Harvest Festival held at the Pamber Heath Mission Room; scene of cheerfullness reported.
3 November Nothing reported locally
10 November 8 Silchester Funeral of Mrs Elizabeth Higgins, widow of the late James Higgins also late of Church Farm.. She was laid to rest in God’s Acrea Silchester , where her husband was buried a few years ago C
12 November 7 Baughurst Entertainment arranged by Mrs Stiggall in the schoolroom
17 November Nothing reported locally
24 November 7 Baughurst Entertainment given in the Primitive Methodist Chapel with the Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band
24 November 7 Baughurst Lecture given by Rev Sweetapple (of Monk Sherborne) in the schoolroom on “Church History”
24 November 7 Little London Cricket Club Concert given in the Priory School by the committee of Little London Cricket Club.
1 December 7 Woolhampton Concert organised by Miss Walters of Wolverton Park given in schoolroom
1 December D Tadley Waif Saturday Collection in aid of Dr Barnardo’s Homes. £1. 3s collected by John Hawkins, Colin Saunders, George Neate, Kate Smith and Percy Butler
8 December
15 December 6 Baughurst Advent Services were arranged by the vicar during the week
15 December 6 Baughurst Bell ringers rang in earnest and could be heard several evenings in the week
15 December 6 Tadley “Bird and Tree Festival” in connection with Royal Society for protection of birds was held in the Council School C
15 December 6 Baughurst The examination in Religous Knowledge was held by the Diocesan Inspector. Eight scholars were sucessful C
15 December 8 Baughurst The Rector distributed 20 Clothing Club Tickets and 37 Coal Tickets during the week. C
15 December U Baughurst A concert, the second in the current season, was held in the school room
22 December 6 Ramsdell Sunday School treat of a capital lantern lecture C
22 December 8 Ramsdell House to House Collection for Dr Barnado’s. Saturday Fund £1.1s 3d
collected. (collectors names given) C
22 December 8 Ramsdell “Pig Club”. Annual meeting held with twenty members present. Revd. Durham took the chair. (all names given) C
22 December 8 Mortimer West End Annual meeting of the Horticultural Society held at West End Farm and presided over by the Revd Rooke C
28 December 5 Aldermaston Church Bells rung early on Christmas morning
28 December 5 Aldermaston School prizes for the year were presented by Mrs Keyser, Rev and Mrs
Horwood and Mrs A T West.(names) C
28 December 5 Baughurst Christmas Day was heralded in with a peal of bells from 6am to 7am C
28 December 5 Silchester A very pleasant P.S.A (??) was held in the Primitive Methodist Chapel. Chair was taken by the Revd Knipe.[C]

Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1907

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projectnews date Page Village Combination
5 January 5 PAM Close of the Rev.F.Kidgell’s ministry at Pamber Heath with “bright and happy” Christmas services. C
5 January 5 TAD Mrs Phillips of “The Wilderness” provided a tea and Christmas Tree for all the children of the Sunday School. C
5 January 5 SIL Mr & Mrs J J Cooper of Impstone House invited neighbourhood children  to a Christmas treat at Reading Room C
5 January 5 RAM Many Christmas festivities. Slate Club led the way with a supper.on
Christmas Eve.
5 January 6 PAM An inquest was held at the Rifleman, Little London by county coroner
on the body of Charles James Bone, infant child of James and Sarah Bone.
The jury returned verdict of accidental suffocation. C
5 January 6 PAM Supper given by Mr & Mrs Smith to celebrate the opening of the
new Yew Tree Laundry, Pamber. C
5 January 6 WOL On New Year’s Eve the beel ringers (numbering 9) were invited to a
supper at the Rectory. C
12 January 5 PAM Childrens Tea with day and Sunday School scholars of Pamber Heath
were entertained by Mrs Oppee and others C
12 January 6 Little London The Little London Slate Club broke up on December 20th, members
shared benefits of £37 13s 3d C
12 January 6 Baughurst Rector distributed George Lamb prizes to Violet Appleby,Margaret
Smith, Gilbert Attwood and Frank Abbott C
12 January 6 Baughurst Baughurst and Tadley Gardening Club  general meeting held in
schoolroom. Dr Langley voted to the chair. C
12 January 6 Aldermaston The Billiard Handicap competion resulted in a victory for Mr C E
Keyser C
12 January 6 Aldermaston Ball at Aldermaston Court to celebrate coming of age of Mr Charles
Norman Keyser. 150 present (many names) C
12 January 6 Aldermaston Parish Church Bell Ringers treated to a supper at Aldermaston Court
by kind permission of Mr Keyser C
12 January 6 Mortimer West End Sunday School treat for children attending Parish Church and their
mothers by the Rector, Rev F E & Mrs Rooks C
12 January 6 Mortimer West End Entertainment by kind permission of the Vicar and Mrs Rooks in
schoolroom. (lots of names) C
19 January 5 PAM Arthur Long charged with stealing a horse collar, the property of Mr
Thomas Bowman
19 January 7 Baughurst Quarterly meeting of Parish Council was held in the schoolroom. Mr W
H Giles (vice chairman) and Mr Hawkins (Clerk) C
19 January 7 Baughurst A very interesting gathering took place at The Tabernacle. Presided
over by Mr Timberlake of Basingstoke. C
19 January 7 Baughurst The rector Rev Steggall invited the Parish Bellringers (18) to a
supper in the school room. C
19 January 7 Baughurst The Church Sunday School scholars entertained to a tea by the
Rector. Phonograph selection by Mr H Knight. C
19 January 7 Charter Alley Mr Afred Kew, builder, came up for Bankruptcy examination at
Winchester Bankruptcy Court C
19 January 7 SIL Primitive Methodist Sunday School given a new Year’s tea and treat.
About 90 children and adults attended. C
26 January 5 Baughurst Concert given in the school room in aid of the village Cricket Club.
(many local names) C
26 January 5 Aldermaston Domestic servants, Mary and Hetty Skinner convicted of theft from
their mistress at Aldermaston in December had their sentence reduced
after an appeal by the Social Democratic Federation to the Home
Secretary. C
26 January 5 Mortimer West End William Morris summonded for being Drunk and Disorderly – pleaded
guilty – fined £1 7s 6d or “3 days”.
2 February 8 TAD Baughurst & Tadley Garden Society committee meeting in Iron Room.
Rev Stefall took chair in Mr Stokes’absence
9 February 5 Baughurst Cricket club general meeting in Reading Room. Mr Stokes (president)
16 February 5 PAM Rabbit shoot took place by kind permission of H Welch-Thornton Esq
of Beaurepaire Park at various locations between the College Arms and
Pepper Wood, stopping for lunch at Beaurepaire Farm and returning to
College Arms for a “meat” tea. C
16 February 5 TAD George Cotterell, an aged bricklayer, charged with attempted
suicide. Judge told him “to go home to his wife and not to be silly
again.” C
16 February 5 Baughurst Marriage of Miss Harmony Lyell daughter of Mr A H Lyell of “Newbies”
Baughurst, to Mr Harry Price at St Lukes Church Chelsea C
23 February 3 TAD Football Tadley v Burghfield match on Recreation Ground. Tadley won
the well contested and pleasant game 2-nil C
2 March 5 TAD Death of the Rector. The Rev Henry Ellis Harvey, rector since
1892, entered into rest after a very trying ilness. C
9 March 5 RAM Cricket Club meeting when officers for 1907 were elected C
9 March 5 RAM Election of Councillors for the Ramsdale Ward of Parish of Wootton
St Lawrence in the Council School – only 4 present C
9 March 5 RAM Quarterly meeting of the Pig Club produced a good muster. Supper
Committee had a balance of 5s 11d. C
30 March 6 Baughurst Death of Mrs Caroline Butler of Stoney Heath and respected carrier
to Basingstoke for many years. C
30 March 8 WO Death of Mr William Soper, sexton of Parish church and foreman of
the belfry. C
13 April 7 Baughurst Quoit Club. Newly formed club meets at the “Wellington” . 7 or 8
members enrolled C
13 April 7 Little London The Plough Inn Sparrow Club held their wind-up supper. A good number
of birds have been caught C
13 April 7 WOL On Easter Monday a company of bell ringers from Goring and Streatley
visited the parish C
13 April 7 WOL Social Evening and Dance in aid of Church Outing Fund was held in
the schoolroom C
13 April 7 WOL Easter Day services at Parish Church. Collections throughout were
for the Waifs and Strays. C
13 April 7 TAD On Easter Sunday and Monday Sunday School Anniversary services held
at Primitive Methodist Chapel C
20 April 7 PAM Licence of The Rifleman Inn transferred from Mr F J Wellstead to Mr
Thomas Monger
27 April 8 TAD Induction of new Rector Rev W L Ward by the Venerable Archdeacon
Fearon. C
27 April 8 Baughurst William West charged at Reading Borough Bench with being drunk in
Wilson Road. Fined 5s. C
11 May 6 Aldermaston Open-air Rogation Services held in paddock near Post Office. At the
conclusion procession returned to Vicarage C
18 May 8 Baughurst School Medals etc were distributed to most regular scholars during
last year. (lots of names) C
18 May 8 Baughurst Annual Hospital Collection and Parade on behalf of Royal Berkshire
Hospital. Baughurst and Tadley Bands attended C
25 May 6 Baughurst Half Yearly Audit of His Grace the Duke of Wellington’s tenantry was
held at “George and the Dragon”. C
25 May 6 Baughurst Primitive Methodist Annual Camp Meeting Services were held in a
meadow adjoining the chapel. C
8 June 6 Mortimer West End Theft of ornaments etc  at The Red Lion by Sidney Brown, a canvasser
for Singer Sewing Machine Company. C
8 June 6 SIL Primitive Methodist Centenary Celebrations for Silchester Circuit
held in Chapel due to damp state of Common C
22 June 8 TAD Sudden Death of Postmistress, Caroline Fisher aged 67. Inquest held
at The Malt House. C
29 June 8 TAD Funeral of the late postmistress in the quaint graveyard of the
Congregational Chapel (many names) C

Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1908

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projectnews date Page Village Diary
1 February 6 Baughurst A parish meeting was held in the schoolroom  to discuss the  Smallholdings Act. [C]
1 February 6 Baughurst Interesting wedding in the parish church between Mr Arthur Veale and Miss Mary Littlejohns of Browns Farm (names). [C]
1 February 6 Little London Mr Thomas caught a large buck rat which measured 18″ in length. [C]
1 February 6 Silchester Mr Taylor and relatives of the late Mrs Taylor express their thanks for sympathy messages. [C]
8 February 5 Baughurst Church Sunday School scholars had their annual tea treat given by the Revd & Mrs Steggall. [C]
8 February 5 Baughurst Successful concert in aid of the cricket club in the schoolroom last week. [C]
8 February 5 Pamber Funeral of Mrs Elliott of Pamber Farm following her not unexpected
death (names). [C]
8 February 5 Tadley Primitive Methodist Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavour held its first social gathering in the Chapel. [C]
8 February 5 Tadley A grand entertainment held in the church room in aid of recently resusitated  Church Lad’s Brigade. [C]
15 February 2 Mortimer West End Conservative Association meeting in schoolroom.
15 February 5 Silchester A new pillar box was recently affixed to the direction post at the top of the common. [C]
15 February 5 Silchester An engine extracting gravel from Silchester Common sank into soft
ground. [C]
15 February 5 Silchester Military manoeuvres by schoolboys caused considerable interest by onlookers. [C]
22 February 5 Little London Serious accident. Miss Follett thrown from pony trap and fractured small bone in her arm when pony shied. [C]
22 February 5 Little London Farewell sermon was given by Revd I Rees in the Priory Church. [C]
22 February 5 Pamber Heath Christopher William Chapman labourer, fined 6/- at Divisional Petty Sessions for riding an unlighted bicycle. [C]
22 February 5 Pamber Heath William Grainger was fined 10/6dunder Poaching Prevention Act for having nets and a ferret in his possesion. [C]
22 February 6 Silchester Mr James Timms of Hales Farm applied for an exemption from licence duty on his dog. [C]
22 February 6 Silchester Gospel Temperance Band gave a musical in the chapel.  Mr Wigley wielded the baton. [C]
29 February 6 Silchester An entertainment in the Primitive Methodist Chapel by the Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band in the new uniforms. [C]
29 February 6 Silchester Special services were held in the Primitive Methodist Chapel conducted by Mr E Andrews of Basingstoke. [C]
29 February 6 Tadley St Saviour’s. Vestry absorbed into church, new Vestry built plus classroom built for Sunday School. [C]
29 February 6 Tadley Annual prize giving for regular Sunday School attendance held in the church room with tea. [C]
29 February 6 Aldermaston Reading Rroom & Working Mens’ Club games tournament held at Thatcham Constitutional Club. [C]
29 February 6 Aldermaston An entertainment was given at the parish hall – proceeds £3/10/4 to parish church choir fund. [C]
7 March 5 Baughurst Very successful concert in the schoolroom on Thursday evening in aid of the football club. [C]
7 March 7 Tadley Visit of the Right Revd the Lord Bishop of Dorking preached in the parish church. [C]
7 March 7 Tadley A concert was given in the church room on Shrove Tuesday to large number of people in spite of heavy snowfall. [C]
7 March 7 Tadley Grand entertainment held in the church room in aid of the fund for enlarging St Saviour’s Church. [C]
14 March 6 Baughurst Funeral of Mrs Phoebe Appleton of Heath End who passed away in her hundredth year on Friday. [C]
14 March 6 Silchester Young Peoples’ Missionary Service was held in the Primitive Methodist Church.  Miss Savage presided. [C]
21 March 6 Mortimer West End Conservative meeting in Mortimer West End school room.  Mrs Swainson & Mr Mowell presided.
21 March 8 Tadley Death of Revd C N Oliver, aged 75, former Rector of Tadley. [C]
21 March 8 Tadley Mr Wiggett kindly instructed a class of boys at Silchester in shooting with miniature War Office rifles. [C]
21 March 8 Silchester Death and funeral of Mr H W Kimbrey, aged 70; he passed away after a
painful illness (mourners names). [C]
28 March 5 Silchester Thirtieth anniversary of Band of Hope was held at Primitive Methodist Chapel. 100 or more attended the tea. [C]
28 March 5 Silchester Mr John Coward JP of Durham gave a lecture in the Primitive Methodist Chapel on the evangelist Squire Brooke. [C]
4 April 5 Aldermaston About 100 men of the Second West Yorkshire Regiment spent two days at Aldermaston. [C]
4 April 5 Aldermaston Members of the parish church choir accompanied by Revd & Mrs Horwood on trip to London by brake & train. [C]
4 April 6 Baughurst The Reading Room was well attended during the winter months and was closed last week after successful season. [C]
4 April 6 Baughurst The Lenten Services at the church have been particularly well attended.  (preachers names). [C]
4 April 6 Baughurst Contribution details to Church Missionary Society for year ending 31 March. [C]
11 April 7 Baughurst A rummage sale organised by the Rector and Mrs Steggall in the Reading Room. Proceeds £8/10/0. [C]
11 April 7 Baughurst The Lord Bishop of Winchester, with his Chaplian Revd Fitzgerald and Rural Dean Revd G Crowdy visited. [C]
18 April 5 Tadley Successful temperance meeting and entertainment held in Primitive Methodist Chapel. [C]
18 April 5 Tadley Lord Bishop of the diocese paid a short visit to the parish on Wednesday morning. [C]
18 April 5 Tadley Prize Shoot of the Tadley Company Church Lads’ Brigade held on Friday. Good shooting witnessed. [C]
18 April 5 Little London Opening services of Primitive Methodist Chapel took place after renovation. [C]
18 April 5 Little London The Plough Inn Sparrow Club held its annual supper on Saturday last. [C]
18 April 5 Baughurst Medals and shields given by the County Council were distributed to scholars for regular attendance (names). [C]
18 April 5 Baughurst Quarterly meeting of the Parish Council held in schoolroom on Tuesday. Letter box for Haughurst Hill requested. [C]
18 April 6 Wolhampton Bishop of Winchester accompanied by Chaplain and Rural Dean visited on 7 April. [C]
18 April 6 Mortimer West End Turner’s Arms applied for an hour’s extension for dinner given for new owners. Application granted. [C]
18 April 6 Mortimer West End Robert Telford, a wire fencer, was summoned for not causing son James to attend school regularly. [C]
25 April 7 Wolhampton Easter Services at St Catherine’s Church were conspicuous for bright, good music, singing etc. 53 Communicants. [C]
25 April 7 Baughurst Easter Day opened with a merry peal of bells followed by early celebration which was well attended . [C]
25 April 7 Baughurst Annual Easter Vestry meeting was held in the schoolroom on Monday last. [C]
25 April 7 Baughurst Meeting of new football club committee was held at the New Inn on Thursday last week. [C]
25 April 7 Tadley Interesting old church of St Peter was so well filled on Sunday morning that several people failed to find a sitting. [C]
2 May 5 Basingstoke Great snowstorm. Unprecedented April scene. Business at a standstill. [C]
2 May 8 Tadley Distressing fatality, magistrate’s son (14), whirled to his death by drive shaft of generator. [C]
2 May 8 Tadley Sunday School anniversary services held at Primitive Methodist Chapel with recitations and dialogues by scholars. [C]
9 May 6 Wolhampton Wedding between David Weston of The Lodge Wolverton Park and Elizabeth Malt of Long Parish. [C]
9 May 6 Aldermaston Annual meeting of the cricket club held in parish hall last Friday. Mr C R Keyser presiding. [C]
9 May 6 Baughurst Committee meeting of the Hospital Parade was held to finalise details of next Sunday’s parade. [C]
9 May 6 Baughurst Annual Parish Meeting held in schoolroom. Mr A Roberts in the chair. [C]
16 May 6 Baughurst Half-yearly rent audit of His Grace Duke of Wellington’s tenants at the George and Dragon. [C]
16 May 6 Baughurst The annual Hospital Parade and collection last Sunday raised £26/6/0 (names). [C]
30 May 8 Baughurst John Eyles was summoned for riding a bicycle without a light at Padworth. Fined 1/- with 8/6 costs. [C]
30 May 8 Silchester Excavation work of the ancient and renowned Roman city recommenced for the summer season. [C]
30 May 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist Sunday School anniversary postponed from April
due to snow was held on Sunday. [C]
6 June 6 Wolhampton Socail and dance in the schoolroom on Thursday by kind permission of Rector and managers. [C]
6 June 6 Wolhampton A pleasant concert organised by Mr F Owen and Mr Cyril Goodenough on Friday to raise choir funds of £1/18/5. [C]
6 June 8 Tadley Mrs Beach presented the bar, sheilds and certificates awarded by Education Committee at Council School (names). [C]
6 June 8 Silchester Beautiful weather favoures Primitive Methodist camp meeting, Baughurst Gospel Temperance Brass Band attended. [C]
13 June 8 Baughurst Annual camp meeting services of Primitive Methodist Chapel in meadow near the Chapel. [C]
20 June 3 Little London Cricket matches, Little London v Haughurst Hill, Beaurepaire Park v Silchester, Baughurst v Sherborne St John. [C]
27 June 6 Mortimer West End 110th anniversary of Congregational Chapel celebrated on Wednesday last week. Quaint building well filled. [C]
27 June 6 Silchester Executive Committee of Silchester Excavation Fund issued their report of the  works carried on during 1907. [C]
4 July 5 Padworth Temperance United Festival held in Padworth Park. [C]
4 July 8 Tadley The sum of £1/3/6 collected by scholars at Council school for British and Foreign Sailors’ Society. [C]
4 July 8 Tadley Hospital Parade Society collected £23/17/0 towards Royal Berkshire Hospital. [C]
11 July 8 Silchester Meeting of managers of Silchester School appointed new infant teacher in place of Miss Jessie Brown. [C]
11 July 8 Silchester Parties from Reading arrived in three large brakes for summer forest walks. [C]
11 July 8 Silchester Hospital Sunday Parade arranged to take place on 26 July. [C]
11 July 8 Silchester Flower service took place in the Primitive Methodist Chapel . [C]
18 July 5 Silchester Hospital Parade will take place on 26 July with Tadley & Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band. [C]
18 July 5 Wolhampton Wolverton church choir had a pleasant outing to Ryde on 2 July. [C]
18 July 6 Baughurst Choir outing on Thursday last week for choir and bellringers to Portsmouth & Southsea. [C]
25 July 5 Silchester Hospital Fete to take place on 28 July. [C]
25 July 6 Baughurst Sacred concert by the Reading Temperance Prize Band in Mr David Jame’s  meadow. [C]
25 July 7 Mortimer West End Flower and sports show (names). [C]
1 August 5 Silchester Successful Hospital Parade collected £17/8/10  (names). [C]
1 August 5 Ramsdell Ramsdale & Ewhurst Cottage Garden Society held their 25th exhibition at Holly Bush Farm. [C]
1 August 6 Wolhampton Rev J Godfrey, diocesan inspector visited the school on 17 July 17  very good work… . [C]
1 August 6 Charter Alley Annual Circuit Primitive Methodist demonstration in grounds lent by Mr J Stanley. [C]
1 August 6 Little London Open air service in the park adjacent to Plough Inn by Mr Whymus of Church Army Mission. [C]
1 August 8 Aldermaston Members of Aldermaston branch of South Berks Conservative & Unionist Association excursion up the Thames. [C]
8 August 5 Wolhampton A deaf and dumb wedding took place at St Catherine’s Church between Harry Barlow from Newbury and Ellon May. [C]
15 August 6 Silchester School broke up for five weeks summer holiday.
15 August 6 Silchester School treat and village tea party held at Silchester Hall.
15 August 8 Baughurst Baughurst & Tadley Garden Society held their flower and sports show at Hawley Park. [C]
15 August 8 Silchester A choir outing to art exhibition at White City, London. [C]
15 August 8 Silchester Company of Terriers returned brown and healthy after training with
Territorial Army. [C]
15 August 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist camp meeting held last Sunday. [C]
22 August 6 Tadley Parish Church Sunday School treat held at the Rectory last Tuesday 100 scholars at down to tea. [C]
22 August 8 Tadley Death of Mrs Roller aged 45, wife of George T Roller. [C]
29 August 8 Tadley Funeral of Mrs Roller took place in the churchyard at Tadley.  Large number of friends and parishioners. [C]
5 September 5 Pamber Heath Monk Sherborne & Pamber Hospital Parade collected £13/3/7. [C]
5 September 8 Silchester Church Sunday School children spent a happy day at the Rectory. [C]
5 September 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist choir excursion by van to Beacon Hill. [C]
5 September 8 Silchester Welcome improvement in the postal arrangements.  Morning letters
arrived 7.35 am. [C]
5 September 8 Little London Mother’s Union entertainment at Hill House. [C]
12 September 5 Ramsdell Basingstoke branch of the Church of England Men’s Society visited on Sunday afternoon. [C]
12 September 5 Silchester Expert condemned church bells and belfry, deemed to be unsafe to ring. [C]
12 September 5 Silchester Miss Alice Barker married Police Constable Frank Mills of F Division South Kensington Metropolitan Police. [C]
19 September 5 Ramsdell Double wedding of Misses Annie Mary Kent and  Florence Emma Kent. [C]
19 September 8 Little London Wind-up cricket supper after the match on Saturday against the Butterflies at Plough Inn. [C]
19 September 8 Silchester Schoolroom packed to overflowing for a gramaphone entertainment. [C]
26 September 6 Baughurst Harvest Supper given by Mr Singleton of Baughurst House for employees at George and Dragon. [C]
26 September 6 Ewhurst Meeting of the Duke of Wellington’s employees held with object of forming annual outing club (names). [C]
3 October 6 Baughurst Change of tenant after 70 years of George and Dragon from Mr W C Ford to Mr Bolton of Ashmore Green. [C]
3 October 6 Baughurst Teachers and scholars numbering over 100 of Day School had tea treat at Newbies. [C]
3 October 7 Mortimer West End Conservative Association supper amd smoking concert held in marquees locally. [C]
3 October 8 Pamber Death of Ada Fisher, aged 8 ,who died of diptheria with hop picking at  Binstead Wick. [C]
3 October 8 Silchester Harvest Thanksgiving at St Mary’s Church with Rev T Langshaw (Rector). [C]
3 October 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist Harvest Thanksgiving services led by Mr Cartwright of Reading. [C]
10 October 8 Baughurst Harvest Thanksgiving held in the parish church Rev Steggall presiding. [C]
17 October 6 Baughurst Wedding of Mr Robert Smith of Stoney Heath and Miss Louisa Smith also of Stoney Heath. [C]
17 October 6 Tadley Harvest Festival at St Saviour’s Church, collection to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution £1/1/9. [C]
17 October 8 Tadley Primitive Methodist Chapel held Harvest Thanksgiving services last Sunday, preacher Mr J Fox of Reading. [C]
31 October 8 Silchester A Lantern Service at the Primitive Methodist Chapel in connection with Christian Endeavour Society. [C]
31 October 8 Silchester Visit of the Bishop of Dorking Right Revd Cecil H Boutflower DD to St Mary’s. [C]
7 November 5 Tadley Sudden death of Mrs Harriet Rampton. Inquest held at New Inn. [C]
7 November 5 Pamber Wedding of Miss Annie F Baker of Latchmore Farm to Mr William Stanley of Pamber End at Primituve Methodist Chapel. [C]
7 November 6 Pamber Arson attack at the Old House at Home by labourer John Paice who had been ejected the same evening. [C]
7 November 6 Baughurst Parish Council meeting. The clerk was instructed to write to the
Council regarding poor ditaches and overhanging trees. [C]
14 November 8 Tadley Alterations at St Saviour’s Church three months ago now paid for following rummage sale raising £24. [C]
14 November 8 Tadley Children’s chrysanthemum show  held in the Church Room on Saturday last  (names of prizewinners). [C]
14 November 8 Silchester Death of Arthur G Bye in Reading.  Funeral delayed due to lack of Statutory Notice  for Silchester burial . [C]
14 November 8 Pamber Recent arson case at Old House at Home public house – John Paice pleaded guilty at Hampshire Assizes. [C]
14 November 8 Baughurst Due to kindness of Mr F Stokes of Inhurst House  the Reading Room opened for winter months. [C]
21 November 5 Tadley Fencing around Follett’s Pond adjacent to Basingstoke Road completed at a cost of £56/15/8. [C]
21 November 5 Tadley Band of Hope anniversary tea and meeting was held at the Primitive Methodist Chapel  60 members. [C]
21 November 5 Tadley Primitive Methodist Christian Endeavour Society held coffee supper
for 50 members and friends. [C]
21 November 5 Baughurst Annual cricket club supper held last week at the New Inn followed an evening of social harmony  (names). [C]
28 November 8 Baughurst Independent Order of Rechabites set up Juvenile Tent ‘Honour Bright’ followed by lantern entertainment. [C]
28 November 8 Wolhampton Duke of Wellington’s farmer’s rent audit for this estate was held at George & Dragon, Baughurst. [C]
5 December 6 Baughurst Special sermons presented by Rector on behalf of Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. [C]
5 December 6 Baughurst Committee meeting of Baughurst & Tadley Garden Society held in Schoolroom  Mr Stoke presided. [C]
5 December 8 Silchester Death of Mr Robert Sheppard (71) at his new residence on borders of Silchester Common. [C]
5 December 8 Tadley Football club, now in third season, met to settle local disputes, Dr Langley voted to Chair. [C]
12 December 5 Silchester Three deaths within five weeks of the Bye family. [C]
12 December 5 Little London To augment funds of cricket club Mrs Hume Wynn loaned her gramaphone and records for evening concert. [C]
12 December 7 Pamber Lecture on poverty and unemplyment illustrated by lantern slides in Mission Room by Conservative Association. [C]
12 December 7 Tadley Parochial tea and entertainment held in Church Room. [C]
12 December 8 Mortimer West End Death of supernumerary Revd Joseph Knipe (69), Primitive Methodist minister at Congregational Church  (names). [C]
19 December 5 Silchester Supper and smoking concert held in Club Room at Crown Inn in connection with Crown In Benefit Club. [C]
19 December 5 Baughurst School inspected in religious knowledge by Rev Rathbone Griffin, Honorable Diocesan Inspector. [C]
19 December 5 Tadley Primitve Methodist Christian Endeavour Society’s 1st Annversary on Sunday and Monday. [C]
19 December 5 Ramsdell Highly amusing Magic Lantern lecture given in the Schoolroom by Revd C R Durham. [C]
19 December 5 Ramsdell Annual meeting of Friend-in-Need Society held in Schoolroom. [C]
26 December 5 Little London Death of Arthur Charles Simpson (34) after many painful operations. [C]
26 December 5 Silchester Lantern lecture on poverty and unemployment in Schoolroom by Mr Stephen White of Conservative Association. [C]
26 December 5 Silchester Memorial Service for late Mr Robert Sheppard held at Primitive Methodist Church. [C]
26 December 5 Tadley Holly with berries is scarcer this season than can be remembered for many years. [C]
26 December 5 Tadley Death of Mrs Farmer at residence of son Seymour Charles Farmer of Tadley Place. [C]

Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1909

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projectnews date Page Village Diary
2 January 5 Silchester Fall of snow very heavy on Tuesday, Christmas treat abandoned at church until better weather. [C]
2 January 6 Tadley Slate Club supper at the Fox & Hounds on Tuesday evening proved a great success 52 members received £1/3/4½. [C]
2 January 8 Silchester Dr Walker, Medical Officer for county visited the school here. [C]
2 January 8 Silchester Mrs Carslake s tea for the little folk of Silchester was a gigantic success. [C]
2 January 8 Silchester Christmas Day passed about as usual with a few straggling carol singers and the Tadley Band. [C]
2 January 8 Pamber Heath Service of song. Captain Ayrton of Mission Church organised the weekly entertainment. [C]
2 January 8 Baughurst Christmas Day was heralded by merry peals rung in the early morning.[C]
9 January 5 Pamber Heath The bells rand out on New Year s Eve inviting people to a service conducted by Captain Ayrton in Mission church. [C]
9 January 5 Pamber Heath Mr Hume Winn kindly gave gramophone entertainment at the Mission church on Wednesday. [C]
9 January 5 Silchester The church bells did not ring on New Year s Eve, but hand bells were rung on the village green. [C]
9 January 5 Silchester Church Sunday School children s treat on Tuesday last replacing postponed treat on 29 December. [C]
9 January 5 Tadley Dr and Mrs Phillips provided a large Christmas tree with about 500 presents, games, toys etc. [C]
9 January 5 Wolhampton Mr and Miss Walker of Wolverton Park gave a servants ball on Tuesday last. [C]
9 January 6 Little London Plough Inn Club shared out £27/9/6 between 20 members at dinner and concert. [C]
9 January 6 Tadley Collection recently made by Council schoolchildren in aid of Dr Barnado s. [C]
16 January 5 Pamber Heath Mrs Oppé gave two annual treats in the schoolroom on Friday at 4pm for scholars, mothers and teachers and 5pm on Saturday for Sunday School scholars. [C]
16 January 5 Silchester Four men are still working on the excavations of the Roman remains. [C]
16 January 5 Silchester Primitive Methodist Christian Endeavour Society led an evening of entertainment in the Reading Room. [C]
16 January 5 Silchester Hon. Mrs MacCartney s treat to the children on Saturday afternoon.[C]
16 January 5 Silchester Primitive Methodist Chapel New Years tea and Christmas tea to the Sunday School children on Thursday evening. [C]
16 January 6 Tadley Slate Club supper at the Fighting Cocks in disagreeable weather. £1/4/5 was shared between 29 members. [C]
16 January 6 Ewehurst Duke & Duchess of Wellington gave their annual tea with entertainment for their employees, workers including families attended.
16 January 6 Wolhampton Ringing Band members entertained to supper in Rectory. [C]
16 January 6 Baughurst Rector visited the school and distributed the George Lamb prize Bibles. [C]
16 January 6 Baughurst 11 children attending Church Sunday School had their annual treat in the schoolroom. Tea by Mrs Pearce was much enjoyed followed by book prize presentations.
23 January 5 Tadley Wedding of George Henry Stacey and Martha Louisa Smith took place in the parish church on Saturday last. [C]
23 January 5 Baughurst Magic Lantern entertainment illustrating the story of Little Jim by Mr W Yates of Silchester. [C]
23 January 5 Baughurst Rev & Mrs Steggall kindly gave supper to the choir and bellringers. [C]
30 January 5 Ramsdell Members of Pig Club with friends held their annual supper on Friday last, Rev C R Durham presiding. [C]
30 January 5 MWE Annual meeting of Horticultural Society held at West End Farm Friday last. [C]
30 January 5 Pamber Heath John Simpson, Albert Saunders & Alfred Charles Chandler of Tadley opted for trial by jury following theft of ferrets and a reaphook owned by Arthur Rampton of Tadley.
6 February 6 Pamber Heath Farewell gathering and presentation to Miss Hall, headmistress of Pamber School. [C]
6 February 6 Silchester Invitation dance took place in the school last week. [C]
6 February 6 Silchester Christian Endeavour Society gave a Lantern Service in the school last week. [C]
6 February 6 Silchester Pony s leg broken after falling while driving Mr Goddard s trap past Mulford s Cottage on Little London Road. Pony was shot, but Mr Goddard escaped injury.
6 February 6 Silchester Marriage of Miss Mary Hobbis to Ernest Corbett of Vermillion, Canada. [C]
13 February 8 Silchester Meeting of Silchester branch of North Hants Conservative & Constitutional Association was held at The Hollies on Monday.
13 February 8 Tadley County Council resolved that ¾ of expenses of conveyance of children attending elementary school charged to parish of Tadley.
20 February 8 Baughurst Proceeds from capital concert given on Thursday evening in schoolroom to Cricket & Football Club. [C]
20 February 8 Baughurst Full military wedding on Wednesday at Douai Abbey, Woolhampton of Miss Doris Green to Captain Edward Longueville, First Battalion, Coldstream Guards.
20 February 8 Tadley Church Sunday School prize giving on Wednesday. Tea provided by Mrs Evans. [C]
27 February 5 Baughurst Death of John Smith previously landlord of Wellington Arms occurred on Wednesday following lengthy illness. [C]
27 February 8 Pamber Heath Mr John H Gould JP presided over Liberal meeting in the school on Wednesday. [C]
27 February 8 Wolhampton Concert by Miss Scott given in schoolroom on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. [C]
27 February 8 Tadley Popular entertainment in church room on Monday last. [C]
27 February 8 Silchester Crowded audience at concert and variety entertainment arranged by Miss Langshaw. [C]
27 February 8 Silchester Service of Song on Wednesday evening by a party of friends from Baughurst. [C]
6 March 8 Tadley Public tea at Primitive Methodist Chapel raised £3/10/0 for the Mission Band funds. [C]
13 March 5 Tadley Good news for Tadley Griffin s celebrated sausages can now be had at T J Hussey & Sons, family butchers. [C]
13 March 5 Tadley Theft of fowl from the Pine Apple, Brimpton property of landlord. Value of fowl 5/-. John Gundry and Harry Taylor charged at Petty Sessions. [C]
13 March 6 Tadley First Christian Endeavour rally ever held in this neighbourhood took place on Monday last in Primitive Methodist Chapel. [C]
13 March 6 Tadley Letter from James Thatcher regarding all business of Parish Council should be reported in Hants & Berks Gazette. [C]
13 March 6 Wolhampton William John Hodges charges at Petty Sessions with trespassing while searching for coneys on Mr Nichol s land at Kingsclere. [C]
13 March 6 Silchester Death of three old parishioners at Silchester Mrs Hannah Clift on 2 March, Mrs Bye on 9 March and Mr William Yates on 8 March. [C]
13 March 6 Pamber Heath Funeral of Mrs J B Hill who was laid to rest in burial ground at Tadley Congregational Church. [C]
20 March 8 Baughurst Annual meeting of Cricket & Football Club held recently at New Inn. [C]
20 March 8 Baughurst Annual meeting of Gospel Temperance Band held recently when the accounts were presented and passed. [C]
20 March 8 Pamber Heath Death of Mr Thomas George Houghton, respected landlord of College Arms Inn, on 13 March. Funeral at Old Priory burial ground (mourner s names). [C]
20 March 8 Silchester Funeral of Mrs William Yates in new part of churchyard (mourner s names). [C]
20 March 8 Tadley John Simpson, Albert Saunders and Alfred Chandler surrendered to their bail on charge of stealing two ferrets, value 7/- from Arthur
Rampton. [C]
27 March 5 MWE Conservative Association held a meeting in the schoolroom, sprinkling of ladies present. [C]
27 March 5 Baughurst Service of Song held on Tuesday evening entitled The man who spoiled the Music in Primitive Methodist Chapel by Haughurst Hill Mission Hall choir. [C]
27 March 5 Baughurst Members of Band of Hope numbering about 150 held their annual tea in the chapel on Thursday evening. [C]
27 March 5 Tadley Sudden death of George Rampton aged 84 formed the subject of a Coroner s Inquest on Wednesday. He was found after dinner in a shed at Skate’s Farm. [C]
27 March 6 Pamber Heath Annual assembly of Parish meeting held at Pamber Heath Mission Church on Wednesday 17 March. [C]
27 March 7 Tadley Letters from James Thatcher, D West and George Smith protesting against the conveyance of Heath End children by van to Tadley School. [C]
3 April 5 Little London Mother hen and chicks attacked by a rat while kept in a cage at the Plough Inn. The rat killed the chicks and the rat was then despatched by the mother hen. [C]
3 April 5 Little London Little London & Bramley Rat & Sparrow Club held annual supper at Plough Inn on Saturday. Season s working produced 3,959 sparrow heads and 342 rat tails. [C]
3 April 5 Little London Mrs Hume Winn (widow) married Lieutenant-Colonel R de Maryleki at Church of St John the Evangelist, Paddington. [C]
3 April 6 Pamber Heath Death of Mrs Joseph Hunt on Wednesday. [C]
3 April 8 Baughurst Mrs A Smith, secretary to Christian Mission Society visited the school to receive contents of the day school and Sunday School boxes. [C]
3 April 8 Baughurst Reading Room closed after successful season.
10 April 6 Pamber Heath Funeral of Mrs Joseph Hunt in burial ground adjoining Congregational Church, Tadley Hill (many mourners). [C]
17 April 6 Tadley Easter entertainments at Tadley amusingly announced by village crier dressed in traditional helmet and red coat, and ringing his bell. [C]
17 April 6 Tadley Church Lads Brigade took part in manouevres in Hackwood Park on Easter Monday. [C]
17 April 6 Tadley Primitive Methodist Chapel Sunday School anniversary was held on Easter Sunday and Monday. [C]
17 April 6 Baughurst Annual Parish meeting held in schoolroom on Thursday evening. [C]
17 April 6 Baughurst Easter Vestry meeting was held in schoolroom on Monday last, Rector Revd W S Steggall presided. [C]
17 April 6 Baughurst Church services throughout the day were bright and hearty and well attended. [C]
17 April 6 Silchester Easter Vestry meeting held on Tuesday at 12 noon in the school room, Rector Rev Thos. Langshaw and Mr Charles Knight attended. [C]
17 April 8 Silchester Successful bazaar held by Primitive Methodists of Silchester Circuit under direction of Superintendent Revd J Walker. [C]
17 April 8 Silchester Funeral of Mrs Middleton took place in Thursday amidst profound
sympathy on part of the parishioners. [C]
24 April 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist local preacher Mr John Ham died on 21 April. He took great interest in Band of Hope and the Sunday School. [C]
1 May 6 Ramsdell Very interesting ceremony took place at parish church when 2 daughters of Mr and Mrs Prouten of South View Charter Ley were married. [C]
1 May 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist Sunday School anniversary services conducted by Mr Timberlake of Basingstoke. [C]
1 May 8 Silchester Funeral of Mr John Ham at Primitive Methodist Chapel many mourners listed. [C]
8 May Baughurst Winchester No 1 Church Army van stationed in school playground for two weeks. Mission service with lantern slide illustrations. [C]
8 May 6 Baughurst Hospital Sunday Parade held in school on Monday evening, Good attendance. [C]
15 May 8 Baughurst Annual Hospital Sunday collection and parade held Sunday last, £22/15/9½ forwarded to Royal Berkshire Hospital. [C]
22 May 6 Pamber Heath Vine Hunt Keepers and Stoppers Feast at College Arms last Thursday kindly given by gentlemen of the Hunt. [C]
22 May 6 Little London Primitive Methodist Sunday School anniversary. Large congregation attended. [C]
22 May 6 Pamber Heath Death and funeral of Mr Charles Paice carpenter and undertaker aged 85. Funeral at Old Priory churchyard. [C]
22 May 6 Baughurst Rent audit on Duke of Wellington s Wolverton estate held at George & Dragon. His Grace the Duke was present. [C]
29 May 8 Baughurst Schoolchildren of this parish celebrated Empire Day. National Anthem and patriotic songs were sung and the flag saluted. [C]
29 May 8 Tadley Empire Day kept for the first time in Tadley owing to energy and enthusiasm displayed by Mrs Ward. Forty foot flagstaff with a truck at the top erected in front of school.
29 May 8 Pamber Heath The case of the Old Hatchet Beer House at Pamber Heath came before the Compensation Authority at their principal meeting at Winchester on Tuesday. [C]
5 June 5 Bramley Court Pride of Bramley Foresters held their annual fete at Beaurepaire Park on Thursday last. [C]
5 June 6 Wolhampton Excitement caused on Monday evening by balloon flown by Hon C S Rolls travelling from Whitchurch, eventually coming down at back of Wolverton Farm. [C]
5 June 6 Tadley Henry Rogers, Hesther Rawlings and Mary Rogers were charges with using obscene language on 1st May at Newtown. Fined £1 with 7s costs each. [C]
5 June 6 Baughurst Church services throughout Whitsunday were fully choral. There was a good number of communicants at the early celebration.
5 June 6 Baughurst A rummage sale organised by Mrs Steggall took place in the schoolroom on Friday last. Sale realised £6-odd altogether. [C]
5 June 6 Baughurst Annual Camp Meeting services held by Primitive Methodists on Sunday last in a meadow near the chapel kindly loaned by Mr E Jacob. [C]
5 June 6 Tadley Congregational Sunday school anniversary services held in the church on Whitsunday. [C]
5 June 6 Aldermaston Young couple marrying in parish church were unable to produce a wedding ring for the bride. Revd F Horwood kindly took off his own ring and loaned it to them. [C]
12 June 4 Tadley Advert. Annual Hospital Sunday Parade and collections will take place on Sunday 27 June with local bands. [C]
12 June 8 Silchester Open air Sunday afternoon Mission services on village green again being held. [C]
12 June 8 Silchester On eve of wedding of Miss East to Mr Fred Smith, Miss East s grandfather Mr Daniel Clift sadly passed away and the wedding was postponed. [C]
19 June 7 Aldermaston Death of Mrs Wright wife of Mr John Wright proprietor of Hind s Head Hotel cast a gloom over the village. [C]
19 June 7 Aldermaston Mr George Johnson, recently retired, after having driven the mail cart from Reading to Brimpton for nearly 40 years without one day s absence was last week presented with a purse containing 20 guineas. [C]
26 June 8 Silchester Accident on Monday evening highlighted the dangers of youthful cyclists riding beside carts and wagons. Sidney Ham had his hand crushed
and his thumb was amputated in Reading hospital.


Local items from the Hants and Berks Gazette for 1910

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projectnews date Page Village Diary
1 January 5 Pamber Heath Rev. W.S. Walford and choir presented organist Mr. W. Yates with bound copy of Handel s Messiah at the Choir Supper in Church Cottage. (C)
1 January 5 Silchester Wedding of Miss Marion Coleman – dressed in a purple costume and cream beaver hat trimmed with gold to Mr. Henry Murrey of Aberdeenshire. (C).
1 January 6 Tadley Garden Society Social Evening in the tastefully decorated Church Room included songs accompanied by violins and piano with whist and other games. (C)
1 January 6 Silchester A sailor with a little girl, walking from Bramley to Pamber Heath encountered floods at the Withey Bed in Silchester and had to wade through twice, the bridge being 10 12 under water. (C).
1 January 6 Silchester A gold tie pin was presented to Mr. R Cooper for his services as Hon. Sec. to The Crown Inn Slate Club at their Annual Dinner. (C)
1 January 7 Baughurst Christmas Tree decorated for 35 infant scholars by assistant Infant Mistress.(C)
1 January 7 Baughurst The Rector visited the school and presented four children with the George Lamb prizes of Bibles for the highest attendances. ©
1 January 7 Baughurst Fully choral services held in the nicely decorated church at Christmastide.(C)
1 January 7 Baughurst The Kingsclere Fire Brigade attended a wheat rick fire at Povey s Farm- one rick was destroyed, believed to be the work of boys playing with matches.(C)
8 January 5 Bramley Report of The Bramley Foresters New Year s Supper, participants and presentations, at the Six Bells Hotel.(C)
8 January 5 Little London Thirty one people of the Little London Slate Club sat down to a supper and concert at the Plough Inn. Last year s share out was £1.5s. per member. ©
8 January 8 Silchester Crown Inn Slate Club meeting. ©
8 January 8 Silchester Entertainments for members at the Impstone Reading Room. ©
8 January 8 Silchester Fifty performers, principally children from Silchester and Pamber Heath took part in a Children s Missionary Pageant in the schoolroom. ©.
8 January 8 Silchester The annual tea and Christmas tree given by the Rector took place in the Schoolroom and included distribution of prizes.(C)
8 January 8 Silchester The Primitive Methodist Sunday School – about 100 adults and children were provided with tea, a tree, recitations and presents(C)
8 January 8 Pamber Heath Good use made of the Pamber Heath Rifle Range situated in the White House grounds by the Rifle Club which is backed by influential people of the neighbourhood. ©.
8 January 8 Pamber Heath The New Year s Dinner of the Slate Club took place at the Pelican Inn characterised by good fellowship and harmony.(C)
8 January 8 Wolverton. The eight Wolverton bellringers rang in the New Year and the Rev. Scott entertained them to supper. ©
8 January 8 Wolverton Thirty members of the Mother s Union, G.F.S. and Mission Sewing Class given a Christmas party at the Rectory.(C)
15 January 5 Silchester Death of respected carrier and member of the Bramley Foresters, Mr. James Wheeler aged 62 years. ©
15 January 5 Ramsdale The whole village turned our for the popular marriage of Miss Theodosia Chapman to Walter Henderson Molesworth. ©
22 January 5 Tadley Entertainment in the Church Room included comic songs, a sketch,
waxworks, Pierrot party, and a nigger troupe. Profit of £3.4s.3d. ©
22 January 5 Mortimer Report of examination results of Chichester House School. ©
29 January 6 Ewhurst Duke and Duchess of Wellington provided entertainment and tea for over 200 employees of Ewhurst and Wolverton Estates. ©
29 January 6 Baughurst Committee Meeting of the Baughurst and Tadley Garden Society to decide the date of the Show for this year. ©
5 February 8 Pamber Heath There was a good attendance at the Rifle Range for the monthly Spoon Shoot. ©.
5 February 8 Pamber Heath There were good congregations at St. Luke s for the special services in aid of the Church Missionary Society. ©
5 February 8 Bramley A petition has been got up by local inhabitants to enable the 10.13 p.m. train from Reading to be stopped at Bramley by request of a passenger asking the guard to do so. ©.
12 February 6 Baughurst The 14 choir and bellringers were entertained by the kindness of the Rector to a good supper in the schoolroom. ©
19 February 7 Silchester Golden Wedding of Mr. & Mrs. James Goddard. Of the 13 children born to them 6 are still living and 7 lie in the peaceful churchyard. ©
19 February 7 Silchester The Primitive Methodist Christian Endeavour Society held a social evening for about 70 people in the Impstone Reading Room. ©
19 February 7 Wolverton A scene from Uncle Tom s Cabin, short sketches, vocal and instrumental music and some charming tableaux were part of an entertainment given in the Schoolroom. ©
19 February 7 Pamber Heath The new organ in St. Luke s Church was used for the first time at one of the special Lent services arranged for Thursday evenings.(C)
19 February 8 Ramsdale The Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. James Tuggey of Charter Alley was celebrated on Friday the 18th Inst.
21 February Nil.
5 March Nil.
12 March 7 Baughurst (I don t seem to have the copy for this) AVB
12 March 7 Bramley -do-
12 March 8 Silchester Mr. William Yates gave a lantern entertainment to the Christian Endeavour Soc. in the Primitive Methodist Chapel. ©
12 March 8 Pamber Heath Quote from Monk Sherborne and Pamber Magazine regarding the new American organ now in use in St. Luke s Church.
12 March 8 Little London Farewell gathering at the Plough Inn for young Mr. Bert Thomas before he set sail for Canada on the Empress of Ireland. ©
19 March 8 Silchester (note on Derek s sheet Out of paper ) AVB
2 April 5 Silchester Schools closed for Easter holidays.(C)
2 April 5 Silchester Lack of interest in both Church and Parish Council matters shown by only 2 persons attending Easter Vestry meeting. ©
2 April 5 Silchester Tadley Salvation Army Corps band entertained the well-filled Primitive Methodist Chapel at their service.(C)
2 April 5 Silchester The Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band contributed to the success of the Centenary Celebrations of the Primitive Methodist Church.(C)
2 April 5 Silchester Wedding of Kate Baker to Mr. Frank Godden of Stratfieldsaye. Gathering afterwards at Latchmere Farm.(C)
2 April 5 Pamber Heath A goodly number attended the vestry meeting at Church Cottage.(C)
2 April 5 Pamber Heath Epecially good Easter offerings of £4.10s.11d. were given at St. Luke s services whilst the sun shone upon the tastefully decorated church.(C)
2 April 5 Pamber Heath The pretty wedding of assistant teacher at Aldermaston School, Miss Rosa Cripps and Mr. Frederick Stacey took place at the Old Congregational Church, Tadley Hill.(c)(List of wedding presents and donors).
2 April 6 Baughurst Entertainment by the Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band at the Mission Hall, Hawkhurst Hill.(c)
2 April 6 Wolverton Very handsome altar rail kneeler presented to the Parish Church by members of Wolverton G.F.S.(c)
2 April 6 Wolverton Easter Day began with a peal of bells at the church and the services were well attended.(C)
2 April 8 Tadley Entertainment provided by the band and choir of Mortimer West Congregational Chapel at the old meeting house on Good Friday.
9 April 5 Baughurst Meeting of the Committee to make arrangements for the Hospital Sunday Parade.(C)
9 April 5 Silchester Highest praise to Miss Thatcher and her assistants for the delightful programme at the School Concerts.(C)
9 April 5 Silchester Travel lecture given by Mr. Chaloner Smith complete with beautiful lantern views at Impstone Reading Room.(C)
9 April 5 Silchester Sudden death of Mrs. Peirce of the Pound whilst walking to the Silchester Schools concert.(C)
9 April 5 Mortimer West End Mark John Bowman and Austin White both summoned for assault at the Reading County Bench but after evidence given both summonses were dismissed.(C)
9 April 5 Tadley Annual Sunday School services held over Easter at the Primitive Methodist Chapel. Gatherings of children and adults enjoyed tea and music.(C)
9 April 5 Little London At the annual supper of the Plough Inn Rat and Sparrow Club it was stated that 2.039 birds and 477 rats had been caught showing a decrease in the number of heads and increase of tails.(C)
16 April 7 Mortimer West End Death of the much loved and respected Rev. A.L. White at the age of 86 years, seven weeks after a necessary operation (List of mourners and details of his life). ©
16 April 8 Tadley The second social given by the Baughurst and Tadley Garden Society for about 60 people in the Iron Room included dancing and whist.(C)
16 April 8 Little London A scheme is on foot for local poultry keepers to form a co-operative egg depot to ensure more adequate returns to egg producers.
16 April 8 Mortimer Mr. Austin James White writes that he was not the Austin White
concerned in the assault case reported in our last issue.
23 April 6 Baughurst First meeting of the new Parish Council held in the schoolroom. A precept was signed for £3. on the parish rate and an allotment question discussed. ©
23 April 6 Pamber The annual meeting of the Pamber Parish Council appointed a small committee to inspect footpaths in the whole of the parish.(C)
23 April 6 Tadley First meeting of the new Parish Council appointed two allotment wardens for Tadley and re-appointed the haywarden. A precept was signed for £12. Letter from Postmaster-General granted the extension of delivery of letters on Sundays.(C)
23 April 8 Silchester £3. was added to the school children s outing fund after a successful whist drive and social organised by Miss Thatcher and staff,despite bad weather.(C)
23 April 8 Pamber Heath Sad news received from Canada of the death of Rev. T.H. Cuthbert who was curate-in-charge in Pamber Heath for a short time in 1907.(C)
30 April 5 Silchester Parish Council meeting decided to repair the footbridge near the withy bed and to prosecute all out-parishioners cutting or taking wood from the Common.(C)
7 May 8 Silchester Mrs. Thorold arranged a sale of needlework etc. which raised the sum of £62. towards the fund for repairing the Silchester church.(C)
7 May 8 Silchester Death and funeral of Mr. William Knight, 86 years, a very old inhabitant of Silchester who left 10 children, 40 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren.(C) (List of mourners).
7 May 8 Baughurst Mr. Pike of Thatcham conducted the anniversary services held by the Primitive Methodists. Large congregations present.(C)
7 May 8 Baughurst Albert Gray was presented with County medal for perfect attendance at school during the year. Shields and certificates presented to other children.(C)
14 May 7 Tadley The King passed away. The school flag was flown at half-mast and the church bell tolled out the sad news.(C)
14 May 7 Pamber The Bishop of Guildford (Dr. Randolph) held a Confirmation service at the ancient church of Pamber Priory. The candidates and choirs came from surrounding villages. The Bishop travelled in his motor car.(C)
21 May 5 Silchester The golden gorse on the Common at Whitsuntide was the best within their memory say some of our elder folk. A busy time with people, traps, motors and cyclists.(C)
21 May 5 Baughurst The Baughurst Gospel Temperance Band attended the annual camp meeting services held by the Primitive Methodists. ©
28 May 7 Tadley A most impressive memorial service was held at the Parish Church to pay last respects to the late King. There was a large congregation present.(C)
28 May 7 Wolverton A memorial service of solemnity and reverence was held in the filled Parish Church at the time of the burial at Windsor.(C)
28 May 7 Baughurst A memorial service was held in the Parish Church. The bells rang muffled peals and form No. 3 of the special service was used. ©
28 May 7 Silchester A memorial service which included members of other denominations and the Silchester section of the Territorials was held in the Parish Church.(C)
28 May 7 Silchester The annual open-air services of the Primitive Methodist Camp Meetings were well attended in beautiful weather.(C)
28 May 7 Silchester Another pretty wedding of a daughter of Mr. William Barker, this time Miss Daisy Barker to Mr. Harry Ealand Griffiths of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.(C)
28 May 7 Silchester Empire Day celebrations were considerably curtailed on account of the King s death. After the ceremony the children were given the remainder of the day as a holiday.(C)
28 May 8 Pamber The Rev. W.S. Walford conducted the bright and hearty services at St. Luke s church on Trinity Sunday.(C)
28 May 8 Pamber Young Fred Long s hand and arm were swollen and painful after being bitten by a large adder when he put his hand into a hole by the Forest, thinking it was a bird s nest. ©
4 June 8 Tadley At a meeting of the Tadley Parish Council in the Council School it was proposed that a letter be sent to the Postmaster, Basingstoke about the unfair distribution of pillar boxes in Tadley. ©
4 June 8 Silchester An entertainment was given in the Impstone Reading Room to celebrate the closing of the club for the first season since the Misses Cockerton bought the property. ©
4 June 8 Pamber Heath Fred Long who had been bitten by an adder is now making a rapid
recovery after a time when his life hung in the balance. ©
11 June 8 Silchester Junior cricketers have been practising on the village green and have played two matches against Bramley and Tadley. ©
11 June 8 Silchester King George V s birthday notified by flying the new flag at the school. ©
11 June 8 Silchester The Reading district of the National Telephone Co. selected Silchester with its open common and Roman remains for its annual outing. ©
11 June 8 Silchester The Misses Cockerton invited members of the Reading Room with wives
and friends to a party on Fri. 3rd inst (King George s birthday). ©
11 June 8 Baughurst Death of Mr. William Webb in his 74th year, who for many years farmed Church and Browning Hill Farms. ©
18 June 7 Wolverton The cottage of Widow Cooper was struck by lightning, passing through the cottage, knocking a clock of the mantelpiece and making a hole through the newspaper she was reading rendering her temporarily deaf.(C)
18 June 7 Baughurst Two valuable horses belonging to Mr. Boulton of the The George and Dragon were killed instantly by lightning during a very heavy storm. ©
18 June 7 Tadley Much sorrow was felt at the death of Mabel Kernutt who died peacefully at the age of 13 years after a short but painful illness. ©
25 June 5 Mr. S.F. Cody, aviator, narrowly escaped death on Laffan’s Plain after a fall of 50-60 feet whilst testing several new ideas incorporated in his aeroplane. (Detailed eye witness account from his chief assistant included).(C)
25 June 5 Padworth Perfect weather attended the annual United Temperance Festival held in the beautiful grounds of Padworth Park which encouraged visitors from Reading and the surrounding villages.(C)
25 June 8 Tadley The annual camp meeting services of the Primitive Methodists were held on the recreation ground where earnest addresses were given from a wagon kindly lent by Mr. J. Stacey.(C).
2 July 6 Tadley In spite of heavy showers, Hospital Sunday was well attended by helpers, friends, Lad s Brigades and five bands, raising £24.(C)
2 July 6* Albert Jacob George, aged 14 years, was charged with setting fire to
the house of his employer in Tadley. Full details given. ©
2 July 8* Silchester Weekend visit of the Ven. Archdeacon Fearon.(C)
2 July 8* Pamber A good muster of village folk witnessed the interesting wedding of
Mr. Alfred Norris and Miss Thirza Barlow at the Priory Church. ©
9 July 8 Little London Presentation of a complete dinner service to Mr. & Mrs. Alfred
Norris by the Little London Slate Club as a token of esteem and
friendship. List of wedding presents.
9 July 8 Silchester Visit to Silchester of
16 July 6 Ewhurst A shocking accident occurred last week at Povey s Farm when farmer
Mr. Ford was gored in the jaw by a young bull.
16 July 6 Silchester 72 Schoolchildren with adults enjoyed their summer outing to Bournemouth by train last Saturday including a splendid view of the airships.
16 July 6 Pamber At the meeting of the Parish Council the Chairman was requested by the Council to call a further meeting in order to test the feeling of the parishioners in reference to the proposed sale of the parish pound.
16 July 7 Baughurst Choir and bellringers outing to Southsea where various activities were enjoyed including a performance at the Hippodrome, arriving back at Baughurst at midnight.
23 July 5 Tadley Sudden death of Ann Saunders aged 68 years who fell down near her front door and died almost immediately. After a superficial examination of the body the doctor was of the opinion that she died from the rupture of a blood-vessel on the brain. ©
23 July 5 Silchester A fine picnic was generously provided by Mr. W. Benham for some 50 infants who did not go to the seaside with the older children.
23 July 5 Silchester A red letter day for the little people of the Church Sunday School when the Rector provided them with their annual summer treat.(C)
23 July 5 Silchester The Choir travelled by train to visit the Japanese Exhibition at the
White City .
23 July 5 Little London A goodly gathering of villagers enjoyed a strawberry tea by the bountiful hospitality of Col. and Mrs. Marylski.(C)
23 July 7 Wolverton Outing to Southsea of the Girls Bible Class. ©
23 July 7 Tadley Anniversary services were held on Sunday the 10th inst. at the Primitive Methodist Chapel.
23 July 7 Tadley The Basingstoke & District Christian Endeavour Union held their annual meeting
23 July 7 Tadley At a meeting of the Tadley Parish Council in the Council School, Tadley Hill, it was decided to inspect the encroachments on the Common.(C)
30 July 5 Tadley About 50 members of the Primitive Methodist Band of Hope travelled by train to Bournemouth for their annual outing, arriving home at 11.30 p.m. ©
30 July 5 Tadley Mrs. H. Saunders, a devoted member of the Primitive Methodist Church, so prized her quarterly class tickets that when she died lastweek about 50 were placed on her body, making a fitting shroud for her burial.(C)
30 July 5 Baughurst and Tadley Garden Society Visitors from far and near came to the show held at the Park adjoining Hawley House on an unlooked-for rarity of a real summer s day.
30 July 7 Silchester Hospital Sunday Parade with four bands including the Baughurst and the Tadley Salvation Army bands.
6 August 4 Ramsdale The twenty-seventh exhibition of the Ramsdale and Ewhurst Cottage Garden Society held in a meadow at Holly Bush. Garden Produce was judged Div. 1 (Labourers), Div. 2 (open), and sports including a Perambulator Race for ladies.
6 August 7 Tadley A charge of assault was heard at Kingsclere Petty Sessions in connection with a fight which followed an argument about non-payments for work.
13 August 7 Baughurst No copy of page.
20 August 6 Baughurst No copy of page.
27 August 6 Tadley About 50 members of St. Peter s Church Sunday School visited Bournemouth by train.
27 August 6 Tadley Heath End Choir held their all expenses paid beanfeast at Cowes, travelling by train.
27 August 6 Tadley Miss Marjorie Evans, Sunday School Superintendent, district visitor and choir member, was presented with a travelling clock and solid silver candlesticks on the occasion of her marriage to Mr. F.G. Strange. ©
27 August 6 Baughurst At the quarterly meeting of the Parish Council, Mr. Ernest Stedham, manager of the Capital and Counties Bank, Basingstoke was appointed treasurer.(C)
27 August 6 Baughurst An inquest was held by the County Coroner on the body of Horace Attwood, aged 4 years who died after a short illness possibly caused by a fall which ruptured the duct near the gall bladder.
27 August 8 Pamber Heath The choir and Church workers of St. Luke s had a seaside excursion to Cowes. ©
27 August 8 Little London Mr. Andrew Thomas of the Plough Inn has received a letter from his son Mr. Bert Thomas, giving a good account of his doings in Canada. ©
27 August 8 Silchester No copy of page showing this item.
3 September 5? Mortimer West End No copy of this page.
3 September 6 Mortimer West End Warrant applied for at the Divisional Petty Sessions by the owner, for the possession of a cottage and garden.
3 September 6 Ramsdale The Rev. A.F. Rutty has accepted the rectorship of Lyminge, Kent.
10 September 6 Tadley Omitted from the account of the wedding of Miss Marjorie Evans and Mr. F.G. Strange was the fact that a detachment of the BerkshireYeomanry formed up with crossed swords outside the church. (List of further wedding presents). ©
10 September 7 Tadley. Past and present members of the Tadley Cricket and Football Clubs presented Miss Marjorie Evans with a handsome copper kettle, brass stand and copper tray on the occasion of her marriage, in appreciation of her financial efforts on their behalf.(C).
10 September 8 Little London. Wedding of Miss Vera Harrison and Mr. Hubert Peake at the Parish Church of All Saints, Grayswood.
10 September 8 Pamber. Sudden death of widow Elizabeth Pearce aged 66 years, attributed to heart disease by the County Coroner. ©
17 September 6 Silchester Two gorse fires raged on Silchester Common causing some anxiety to those living near but no damage to property occurred. ©
24 September 8 Tadley Death of Mrs. Mary Sims, daughter of the late Mr. William Stacey, wood and timber merchant of Tadley, in her 50th year.(C).
24 September 8 Tadley At the Tadley Parish Council meeting, it was decided that Councillors should inspect encroachments on the Common.
24 September 8 Pamber Heath. A large onion on view at the Pelican Inn scaling 1.3/4 lbs. and measuring 16 inches in circumference. ©
24 September 8 Pamber Heath The Vicar acknowledges in the Parish Magazine specific contributions to the Curacy Fund. ©
24 September 8 Baughurst. Special services were held in the Church and collections made on behalf of the Church Missionary Society amounting to £2.1s.11.1/2d. ©.
1 October 8 Silchester Large gorse fires on Silchester Common which continued nightly were
battled by local people.(C)
1 October 8 Silchester The visit of the Conservative Van to Silchester was attended by a large gathering.
1 October 8 Silchester Harvest Thanksgiving at the ancient Parish Church of St. Mary was packed with a large congregation and the exceedingly beautiful decorations reflected credit on the ladies who undertook them.(C)
1 October 8 Silchester Considerable discussion took place at the Parish Council Meeting regarding 29 acres of land offered by the Duke of Wellington for allotments at £1. an acre.
1 October 8 Silchester Primitive Methodist Harvest Festival the sacred building was packed to its utmost capacity and the fruit, vegetables and flowers were auctioned and realised £3.13s.6d. ©
1 October 8 Ramsdale The Bishop of Winchester has appointed the Rev. George Sampson, curate of Petersfield, to the vicarage of Ramsdale. ©
1 October 8 Ramsdale The sacred edifice was tastefully adorned with fruit, flowers and vegetables for the services of Harvest Festival.
8 October 3 Baughurst The annual Harvest Supper given to workmen took place at the George and Dragon Inn.
8 October 3 Baughurst The Primitive Methodists held their harvest thanksgiving services.
8 October 3 Baughurst Harvest Thanksgiving services held in the Parish Church were fairly well attended.
8 October 3 Silchester Rain caused a check on the continuing gorse fires on the common.
8 October 3 Silchester A good number of members attended the entertainments in the Impstone
Reading Room to celebrate its opening for the winter months. ©
8 October 3 Mortimer West End A large congregation attended the old Congregational Chapel in the pine woods for Harvest Festival services.
8 October 3 Ramsdale In wishing his people farewell the Rev. A.F. Rutty impressed most earnestly upon them to continue strong in the Faith.(C)
8 October 3 Ramsdale The thanks of all are due to Mrs. Frogbrook for organising theJumble Sale in the Schoolroom which raised £11. odd, with everything marked at low figures to secure rapid disposal. ©
8 October 3 Wolverton At St. Catherine s Church the especially good musical part of the Harvest Festival services, an interesting sermon and some very fine change ringing were appreciated by the congregations.
8 October 5 Little London Autumnal foliage, fruit, vegetables, corn, bread and roots decorated the little mission church for the Harvest thanksgiving service to Almighty God for His blessings once more bestowed.
15 October 3 Tadley Exceptionally large congregations attended the harvest thanksgiving services
15 October 5 Basingstoke. Opening ceremony of the Electric Theatre at the bottom of Wote Street.
15 October 8 Charter Alley. The annual harvest thanksgiving services at the specially decorated Primitive Methodist Chapel were well attended. ©
19 October 5 Silchester There was standing room only for the recent Conservative meeting
held in the Schoolroom.
19 October 7 Mortimer West End An oak lych gate in grateful remembrance of the good works of Rev.
Adolphus Leighton White and his wife was dedicated on Sunday. The oak
was grown on Mr. Benyon s estate and the gate erected by Mr. E. Merrick.
(Detailed article). (C)
19 October 7 Pamber A penalty of 10s. was imposed on E.H. Rose, a travelling grinder,
for thrashing and loudly using obscene language to his pony whilst
driving at a tremendous pace along the road from Silchester to Tadley. ©
22 October 6 Tadley Parish Council Meeting requesting Hants. Educ. Committee to
discontinue the school van conveying children to and from Heath End as
there are so few children using it to save expense to the ratepayers.
22 October 6 Baughurst The Reading Room opened for the winter months which proved a great
boon to the young men of the village who engaged in the various games
provided. ©
22 October 6 Pamber The College Arms Quoit Club annual supper was quite a success with
about thirty sitting down to an excellent repast.
22 October 6 Pamber Benjamin Freeman, a blacksmith aged 65 years, collapsed and died ina lane near Pamber Church whilst walking with Alfred James Fletcher.
22 October 6 Pamber Heath. Special services were carried out in connection with the dedication of St. Luke s Church. ©
5 November 6 Tadley Some 200 eager buyers bought up everything in half an hour at the Annual Church Rummage Sale realising about £14. ©
5 November 6 Sherborne St. John Junior members of the Primrose League were given a short address by Miss Norah Chute and taken on an imaginary journey around the world in an airship by means of lantern slides.
5 November 6 Pamber Mr. & Mrs. Wootten of the Old House at Home and the disappearing nuts.
5 November 6 Pamber Heath The Harvest Festival at St. Luke s Church took place last Sunday as it was decided to await the return of Rev. Canon Robertson to have the pleasure of his presence in the pulpit.(C)
5 November 6 Silchester Mr. Lambden s gramophone was used to delight the audience of about 90 at the Primitive Methodist Band of Hope and Temperance Social last week. ©
5 November 6 Silchester Despite the wet weather about 90 people turned up to the Whist Drive, Dance and Social organised by Miss Thatcher who is regrettably anticipating leaving after 10 years as head teacher at Silchester Schools. ©
12 November 8 Tadley The Parish Council dealt in detail with the possibility/requirement for a van to transport children from Heath End to Tadley School in a letter to the Chairman of the Education Committee. (Detailed report).(C)
19 November 6 Monk Sherborne A party of 12 from Wootton St. Lawrence paid a visit to Monk Sherborne for Whist and Cribbage Matches.
19 November 6 Tadley Between 80 and 90 people from many villages around Tadley attended an enjoyable social evening in aid of the Teachers Benevolent and Orphan Fund, organised by Mr. & Mrs. Follett. ©
19 November 6 Silchester Parish Council Meeting held regarding allotments. ©
19 November 6 Silchester Primitive Methodist Chapel.
19 November 6 Baughurst Temperance.
28 November 5 Silchester Messrs Musselwhite and Sapp of Basingstoke have the work of rebuilding the church tower, the old one having been pulled down.
28 November 5 Silchester There is a vacant chair on one side of the fireplace in their old cottage on the passing to her rest of Mrs. Smith, wife of the aged woodman Mr. William Smith who spent the greater part of his life working on the Duke of Wellington s Estate. ©
28 November 5 Silchester On Thursday evening a series of 60 excellent lantern slides illustrating the full length of the Thames were shown in the ReadingRoom, interpolated with amusing boating stories from Mr. Chaloner Smith.
28 November 5 Silchester A most successful concert was once again organised by Miss Thatcher who will shortly been leaving as school-mistress after 10 years. Many regret that she cannot stay. ©
28 November 5 Tadley Tadley Parish Council Meeting resolved that the Chairman should ask the District Council if the Parish Council could have gravel from Heath End gravel pit to repair the footpath at Heath End. ©
28 November 7 Baughurst The annual collection for Dr. Barnardo s Homes was made by scholars.
(List of scholars and amounts collected).(C)
28 November 7 Baughurst A duologue entitled Josephine , songs, duets and a piano solo were part of the capital entertainment provided at the successful social tea organised by the Rector and Mrs. Steggall for between 60 and 70 people.
28 November 7 Tadley In spite of unfavourable weather, there were large congregations at the Primitive Methodist Chapel for the annual missionary meetings.(C)
3 December 7 Tadley A sumptuous tea was served to 150 ticket holders for the 4th annual parochial tea given by the Rector of Tadley and Mrs. Ward on the date otheir first arrival in Tadley. A great variety of entertainments followed for the 200 people crammed into the room given by, amongst others, Miss Marshall and Miss Roller.(C)
10 December 7 Tadley A correspondent signing himself Ratepayer wrote regarding the Parish Council meeting report in our last issue.
17 December 8 Silchester A report from our Correspondent regarding the danger of Silchester Brook.
24 December 6 Tadley Tadley Parish Council.
24 December 6 Baughurst The Rev. Steggall visited the school and distributed the George Lamb prize Bibles to the most regular and highest positioned scholars.
24 December 6 Baughurst At the quarterly meeting of the Parish Council two letters were read, one
24 December 6 Wolverton An excellent supper was provided by Mr. & Mrs. Laws for members and friends of the Wolverton Slate Club at the Hare and Hounds Inn. ©
31 December 3 Silchester A splendid repast was laid out by Mr. and the Misses Taylor for the
annual dinner for
31 December 3 Silchester Amid depressing and gloomy weather Miss Evelyn Agatha Langshaw married Mr. John Bartlet Goodrich of the Royal North-West Canadian Mounted Police.
31 December 6 Wolverton Members of the Mothers Union, Bible Class and G.F.S. attended a tea at the Rectory during which Miss Gates was presented with a cheque and an illuminated address in recognition of her 20 years of faithful service as Head Mistress of Wolverton School. ©



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