Over the years, TADS has built up an extensive collection of archival material. Much of this is stored in boxes to which access is limited. A great deal of it is waiting to be cataloged. Gradually the Society is putting as much as it can onto the website.


Tadley Memories

TADS has an extensive collection of local people’s memories. Over the years, many of these have been published by the Society in various publications. Gradually our Society is putting some of the older, out-of-print articles onto the website. Click here for Tadley Memories


Hants and Berks Gazette 100 years ago

For several years, TADS project group members recorded items of local interest from the Hants and Berks Gazette 100 years ago. Click here for 100 years ago


Project News

Edited highlights of TADS research were first published in the Society’s magazine Project News. Click here for Project News 2002-2010


Taste of TADS

‘A Taste of TADS 1’ and ‘A Taste of TADS 2’ were two early TADS publications based on early research by members. Click here for ‘A Taste of TADS 1’


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