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TADS invites a speaker each month to give a talk, lasting approximately one hour.




















TADS speakers for 2021

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20th January 2021 Our National Chair, ‘The Windsor Stewart Linford
17th February 2021 The Battle of the Somme Phil Wood
17th March 2021 Smelly Alley in Reading Stewart Linford
21st April 2021 Humour in Genealogy Chris Bloom
19th May 2021 1752 and all that Mark Bowman

TADS speakers for 2020

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Date Topic Speaker
15th January 2020 Beer, Sausages and Marmalade; Food, Drink, Politics and Tourism in 19th Century Oxford Liz Woolley
19th February 2020 The Zulu Wars – End of an Era Richard Anderson

23 March 2020

Start of COVID-19  lockdown  Online Speakers
6th May 2020 William Gill, Victorian Explorer and Spy Tony Hadland
17th June 2020 “Putting Tadley on the map: from Gough to Google.” John Leighfield
15th July 2020 Colin Spicket Mark Bowman
19th August 2020 Jane Austin and the Military Rupert Mathews
16th  September  2020 Never had it so Good Colin Oakes
21st October 2020 The Architecture of the London Underground Mike Grundy
18th November  2020 Poisons for Medicine Graham Harrison
16th December 2020 AGM



TADS speakers for 2019

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Date Topic Speaker
16 January Top of the Greasy Pole Mike Brook
20 February Coaches and Coachhorns: their story from the golden age to the present day Colin Pawson
20 March The Mysteries of Stonehenge Graham Loxton-Best
17 April Major Roller – a Tadley Hero Ian Burn
15 May A Place Apart: The Story of Park Prewett Hospital Malcolm lsted
29 June The History of Blood Letting Tim Smith
17 July The Edwardians (1901-10) Tony King
21 August Summer break – no meeting
18 September My Antiques Roadshow – find out about your treasures Simon Jones
16 October The History and Restoration of the Kennet and Avon Canal Graham Horn
20 November A Celebratory History of Christmas Andy Thomas
18 December AGM and social evening


TADS speakers for 2018

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Date Topic Speaker
17 January A History of Hampshire Through Ten Objects Tony Cross
21 February Brickwork John Harrison
21 March A History of Tea Terri Reid
18 April Metal Detecting John Forster
16 May The Nabobs of Berkshire Clive Williams
20 June The AA Man Vera Hughes and David Weller
18 July Brunel and the Great Western Railway Lionel Williams
15 August Summer break – no meeting
19 September Major Roller – a Tadley Hero Ian Burn
17 October Spies in Petticoats Carol Brown
21 November Everyday life in the 18th Dynasty of
Ancient Egypt
Anne Roberts
19 December AGM and social evening


TADS speakers for 2017

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Date Topic Speaker
18 January Gilbert White, the gardener David Standing
15 February Tree rings – a time and a place Andy Moir
15 March History minus the boring bits Susan Howe
19 April Englishness – a look at traditions and how they started Chris Hutchinson
17 May Where is – what is that? Curiosities in Hampshire Jill Daniels
21 June Padworth House’ David Peacock
19 July Forgotten wrecks of World War I Steve Fisher
16 August Summer break – no meeting
20 September An introduction to surname studies Heather Lawn
18 October Silchester Environs Project Mike Fulford
15 November Woman of Wax; the remarkable life of Madame Tussaud Tony Weston
20 December AGM and social evening


TADS speakers for 2016

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Date Topic Speaker
20 January Secrets of the Box Tony Weston
17 February The Plague Dr Tim Mason
16 March Flora Thompson – Beyond Candleford John Owen-Smith
20 April The Great Exhibition of 1851 Rosina Brandham
18 May The Benedictine Way of Life Reg Fletcher
15 June Birth of the English Parish Church Dr Francis Hurd
20 July Children’s Experiences of the Second World War in Oxford Liz Woolley
17 August Summer break – no meeting
21 September The Mary Rose Alan Turton
19 October Sanders of the River Mike Hurst
16 November The Death of King Rufus Gordon Lewis
21 December AGM and social evening


TADS speakers for 2015

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Date Topic Speaker
21 January Going Shopping with the Victorians Tony King
18 February Living Heritage – 300 years of bells, ringing and bell-ringers John Harrison
18 March Place Names of West Berkshire David Peacock
15 April The Bare Necessities – The History of Underwear Ruth King
20 May The Battle of Waterloo Rupert Matthews
17 June Stories in Symbols – The Secret Language of Heraldry David Nash-Ford
15 July Eccentric London – Part 2 Alan Copeland
20 August Summer break – no meeting
16 September The Abbey and the Castle – Reading in the Middle Ages Mike Cooper
21 October Major Ralph Henry Sneyd of Heckfield Keith Haines
18 November The Last Days of Charles I Alan Turton
16 December AGM and social evening


TADS speakers for 2014

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Date Topic Speaker
15 January Winchester: bishops, buildings and bones Andrew Negus
19 February Basingstoke Workhouse Barbara Large
19 March The 1914 Mobilization Dan Allen
16 April The Ladies of the Tower of London Tony Strafford
21 May World War I memories TADS Members
18 June Living with Jane Austen Richard Tanner
16 July Codebreaker Bletchley Park John Davis
17 September Medieval Southampton Jack Wilson
15 October The English pub Phil Wood
19 November Dickens at Christmas Vera Hughes and David Walker
17 December AGM and social evening


TADS speakers for 2013

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Date Topic Speaker
16 January Submarine history and the Gosport Submarine Museum David Ottley
20 February The Basingstoke Riots Bob Clarke
16 March Signposts and village signs Bob Locock
17 April The Victorian defences of Britain Michael Forrest
15 May A cockney childhood of the 1960s Maggie Filkins
19 June A dip into the Willis Museum’s archives John Holland
17 July Women in Tudor and Stuart Berkshire Joan Dils
18 September Castles of Wessex Alan Turton
16 October Roman uniforms John Smith
20 November The history of the Didcot, Newbury and Southampton Railway Rex Hora


TADS speakers for 2012

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Date Topic Speaker
18 January The work of a Registrar Steve Thirkettle
15 February Timber framed buildings in Tadley and North Hampshire Bill Fergie
21 March The secret Thames Duncan McKay
18 April Berkshire lady fliers Geoff & Val Beckett
16 May The banknote makers – the history of Portals Dave Stone
20 June Glimpses of 19th centuary Berkshire and beyond John trigg (very late substitute)
18 July An unexpected pot-pourri of historical chat! Hannah Monger & Richard brown (On the night subs)
19 September The life and times of Sir William Paulet – the willow of Basing Alan Turton
17 October The Basingstoke Canal – The last six miles Roger Cansdale
22 November Farnborough: early flying in the UK and Samuel Franklin Cody David Wilson


TADS speakers for 2011

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19 JanuaryThe Humble brickAlan Pritchard

Date Topic Speaker
16 February The story of the town crier brian Sylvester
16 March Computers and tea – Lyons’s electronic office Quintin Gee
20 April A history of Hampshire’s maps, 1575-1820 Gill Arnott
18 May The Duke of Wellington’s house at Stratfield Saye Bigadier Michael Aris
15 June The History of the Royal Berkshire and Battle Hospitals Marshall Barr
20 July William Sandys, builder of the Vyne, Lord Chamberlin to Henry VIII John Jenkins
21 September Frost, freezes and fairs Ian Currie
19 October Basingstoke and its contribution to world culture Rupert Willoughby
16 November The Story of Thornycroft Christopher tree and friends


TADS speakers for 2010

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Date Topic Speaker
20 January Watermills on the Thames (meeting cancelled due to illness of speaker and weather) Brian Eighteen
17 February The story of Fleet Street Val Pretlove
17 March Rituals, society & power in and around Iron Age Berkshire Dr Andrew Hutt
21 April Life on Halley 5 – an Antarctic research station David Stephenson
19 May Dentaid – dentistry in the third world Philip Postance
16 June The past in stone (Thatcham, Berks) Malcolm Langford
15 July Transport in and around the Thames Valley 1920-1950 Paul Lacey
15 September The people who made the Salvation Army what it is! Major Stephen Grinstead
20 October 60 Years of AWE Kate Pyne
17 November My railways and their development (West coast main line) Dr Peter Ellis


TADS speakers for 2009

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15 JulyParish Life in Late Medieval ReadingJoan Dils

Date Topic Speaker
21 January The Great Western Railway comes to the Thames Valley John Chapman
18 February The Story of Southwark Sally Botwright
18 March Jack of Newbury Dr David Peacock
15 April The History of aviation in Berkshire Ken & Jean Fostekew
20 May The Story of the Royal Berks Medical Museum David Goodwin
16 September The life of an MP Sir George Young
21 October The History of policing in the Thames Valley Ken Wells
18 November A History of Punch and Judy Alix Booth


TADS speakers for 2008

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Date Topic Speaker
16 January Frank Hornby, the man who made Meccano, etc. John Holland
20 February Down memory lane (film show) Geoff Wheeler
19 March Death and disease in Medieval London John Lloyd
16 April The creation of memories (Aldermaston village history) Sally-Anne Martin
21 May An attractive impediment – the life of Patrick Campbell Nick Thomas
18 June Nautical archaeology Ian Barefoot
16 July Ufton Court, a house of secrets Jane Burrell
17 September Experiences in WWII (Royal Engineers) Alan Freeman
15 October Historic Syria Richard Brown
19 November Basingclog Morris Basingclog Morris


TADS speakers for 2007

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Date Topic Speaker
17 January A Victorian Magic Lantern Show Bill Arnott
21 February Land’s End to John O’Groats by bicycle Christine and Bryan Watson
21 March Basingstoke Heritage Society Debbie Reavell
18 April The Gurkhas Major Davies
16 May The Blue Cross – 100 years of animal care Craig Burchell
20 June The Madding Crowd – early church music Mike Bailey
18 July Women in khaki Ian Bailey
19 September Whitchurch Silk Mill Geoff Hide
17 October A Barrel organ bonanza Richard Kerridge & Keith Hilson
21 November The Watercress line (Mid Hants Railway) Dave Yalden


TADS speakers for 2006

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Date Topic Speaker
18 January William Cobbett (1763-1835) Chris Hellier
15 February The Bevin Boys Morris Pearce
15 March Basingstoke history – tape/slide show of 1964 Last minute substitution
19 April Eye surgery in Bangladesh Dr Lynette & David Moss
17 May It’s a monk’s life Brother John of St Cross Hospital
21 June Filming ‘Pride and Prejudice’ at Basildon House Neil Shaw
19 July Tidgrove Warren excavations Peter Goff, Keith Whiteman and Peter Woodman
20 September Felons & fingerprints Michael Carrigan
18 October Commons (especially Berkshire ones) Oliver Jenks
15 November The history of England in pub signs Greg Gregory


TADS speakers for 2005

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Date Topic Speaker
19 January Early medical potions (19/20th Century) Mrs Jenks
18 February Who pays the parson – funding the clergy Oliver Jenks
16 March To Everest base camp Bryan & Christine Watson
20 April Life at Hackwood Park (part 2) Brian Spicer
18 May
15 June
20 July The coroner’s service
21 September
19 October
16 November History of policing in Hampshire Caroline Edwards


TADS speakers for 2004

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Date Topic Speaker
21 January The sinking of the Lakonia Christopher Smallbone
18 February
17 March The squires and estates of the Kennet Valley John Trigg
21 April
19 May
16 June
21 July The Living Paintings Trust
15 September The Roman Road at North Waltham Richard Tanner
20 October The Treloar Trust
17 November


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