TADS papers: 2021-

TADS project group meet on an informal basis to research aspects of Tadley’s history. Over the years the group has published several books and pamphlets. Information on those in print and how to purchase copies is given on the Publications page of this website.

In 2021 the project group decided to start collecting some of its research together and producing short papers. These will be ‘published’ intermittently on the web.


Follow the links below to view the current papers:

TADS project paper #01 The Burberry Equestrian Knight – protection, chivalry, reform
TADS project paper #02 The passenger with Cody: William Henry Brereton Evans (1883-1913)
TADS project paper #03 Herbert Harlakenden Gilchrist – Artist and Author (1857-1914)
TADS project paper #04Tadley and the Great Plague
TADS papers 5 – The Portway and other Roman Roads in the Tadley area

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