The Pursuit and Sinking of Bismarck – 8pm Wed 21st July 2021

Join us for an online talk by David Bickerton

Sinking of Bismarck – 8 PM Wednesday July 21, 2021

The pursuit and sinking of Bismarck is one of the enduring stories of WW2 which continues to fascinate. More than a hundred British warships were involved in the 5 day, 1,750 mile hunt. The British battlecruiser, HMS Hood was sunk within 10 minutes of engaging the mighty Bismarck which disappeared for more than 24 hours and she was almost within reach of safety before the British won the day.

I was inspired to delve further into this historical event as my father was a crewman aboard HMS Dorsetshire which was involved in the final showdown and I have compiled a 60 minute PowerPoint presentation. A shorter presentation can be offered on request.

Note …  2021 sees the 80th anniversary of this event.

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