‘The History of Houses’ – 8 pm Wed 15th Sept 2021

Join us for an interesting talk by Trevor Ottlewski,  concerning the history of houses.   In the 19th century many town and city workers were housed in squalid and insanitary tenement buildings. These were often back to back blocks with no running water, no lighting, no main drainage, […]

Arson in His Majesty’s Dockyard – 8pm Wed 20th October 2021

Join us for  a talk by Alan Turton  about the life of James Aitken (28 September 1752 – 10 March 1777), also known as John the Painter, was a mercenary who committed acts of sabotage in Royal Navy naval dockyards during the American Revolutionary War in 1776–77. Upon leaving school at age 14, he tried his hand at […]

Kings, Boxes and Dots – 8pm 17th Nov 2021

Join us for a lively and concise history of Royal Mail and the Post Office  from the beginning to the present day given by John Rogers. In 1840 Uniform Penny Post was launched marking a revolution in the way the postal system could be used. Rowland Hill’s postal […]