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For many miles around Tadley people refer to this village, with a knowing smile, as ‘Tadley God Help Us’, Why? Many years ago a balloon made an unplanned descent in a clearing in Pamber Forest. The occupants of the balloon asked of a small group of forest workers, […]

TADS Activities …

TADS used to keep a pictorial record of all its significant events. Here are  a few examples from the first decade of the new century:   Publication launch of Florence Davidson’s book, May 2008 __________________________________   Project group research day, October 2007 The project group collecting material for […]

1990 Talk – St Thomas’ Home for the Friendless and Fallen.

 TADS Newsletter April 2020 All previous TADS newsletters are available here Basingstoke’s House for Fallen Women by John Fisher This title conjures up all sorts of ideas and to have one in Basingstoke seems even more unlikely, but at  the TADS Meeting in September 1990,  Mr. John Fisher […]

The Passenger with Cody

William Henry Brereton Evans (29 January 1883 – 7 August 1913) Samuel Franklin Cody (6 March 1867 – 7 August 1913) was an American Wild West showman and early pioneer of manned flight. Amongst his claims to fame Cody was the first man to fly an aeroplane in Britain, on […]

Offline Births, Marriages & Deaths

Births, deaths and marriages TADS holds hard copies of births, deaths and marriages for: Church of England Tadley records from 1683, including St Peter’s, Little St Mary’s, St Saviour’s, St Paul’s. Silchester St Mary’s records from 1653. Baughurst St Stephen’s records from 1678. Pamber Priory records from 1661. Ramsdell Christ Church records from 1869. Wolverton St […]

Past Talk: “William Gill, a Victorian Explorer and Spy.”

TADS Online Talk held at 8pm on Wed 6th May 2020.   By Tony Hadland   May 2020 Newsletter – Review of the Talk   Tony’s book about William Gill is now out of print, but it may be downloaded as a pdf from Tony’s website https://hadland.wordpress.com/category/william-gill/ . […]


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Mulford’s Hill

Ever wondered who Tadley Mulford’s Hill was named after?   John Mulford was born on the 1st October 1720. His name is perpetuated in the local street name, Mulford’s Hill.  While no longer a commonly used name, the metal Mulford’s Bridge (601 616), still exists where the A340 […]

David Rose’s Photographs

David was born in Tadley in 1937 and his grandparents were Kimbers and Wests. He has a lot of family photographs from Tadley and of which a selection are reproduced here. His mother played piano for Tadley Band and has named most of the musicians in the Tadley […]

Past Talk: The Zulu Wars : End of an Era by Richard Anderson

Talk about a 19th century prince who had a lively life, so also has our Speaker Richard, the ‘galloping major’ from the song of yesteryear. He, with a sergeant major’s voice, didn’t need our microphone. Having spent some time at Sandhurst Military Academy in 1973, he had an […]

If Dickens had a camera – 8pm Wed 15th July 2020

The total number of Dickens’s works that have been translated into films or television adaptations now comes to no less than about 80 productions. Such an extraordinary figure can lead one to ask why it is that Dickens’s novels have lent themselves so readily to the 20th‐century medium […]

The Versailles Treaty: Failure or Folly – 8pm 16th September 2020

Come along  to a fascinating talk by Colin Oakes at 8.00 pm, 16th September 2020 in St Paul’s Church Hall, Tadley RG26 3PB One hundred years ago, the representatives of the triumphant imperialist powers gathered in Paris to determine the fate of the entire world. The Treaty of […]

History of Laws in England 8pm Wednesday 21st October 2020

TADS will be having a talk by Graham Loxton-Best entitled “History of Laws in England”. Come along  at 8.00 pm, 21st October 20,  in St Paul’s Church Hall, Tadley RG26 3PB Share this page

King, Boxes and Dots: the history of the Royal Mail and Post Office – 8pm Wed 18th Nov 2020

The Royal Mail can trace its history back to 1516, when Henry VIII established a “Master of the Posts”, a position that was renamed “Postmaster General” in 1710. Upon his accession to the throne of England at the Union of the Crowns in 1603, James VI moved his court to London. TADS […]

Past talk : Beer, Sausages and Marmalade;

Food, Drink, Politics and Tourism in 19th Century Oxford; City historian Liz Woolley gave a very interesting lecture,  at St Paul’s Church Hall, Tadley  on 15th Jan 2020. Liz is a full time Local Historian and specialist on Oxford. Her talk considered the provision of food and drink […]