Smelly Alley – 8pm Wed 18th Mar 2020

IMPORTANT It is with great regret that concerns about COVID-19 have resulted in the last minute postponement of this event. We hope that this has not caused too much inconvenience and hope that we will see you when the talk is rescheduled later in the year.   Join […]

1752 and all that; derivation of the modern calendar – 8pm Wed 15th April 2020

‘Give us our eleven days!’    Did he English calendar riots of 1752 actually happen? Come along  to a fascinating talk by Mark Bowman at 8.00 pm, 15th April 20 in St Paul’s Church Hall, Tadley RG26 3PB In England and Wales, the legal year 1751 was a […]

Flying the Vulcan Bomber – a personal perspective 8pm Wed 20th May 2020

Join us for a fascinating  talk on the Vulcan bomber by Sqn Ldr Joe Marsden,  starting at 8.00 pm, on Wednesday 20th May 2020  at St Paul’s Church Hall, Tadley RG26 3PB. Joe’s talk  will concentrate on the Vulcan – illustrated by photos and film clips to show […]

Past Talk: The Zulu Wars : End of an Era

Talk about a 19th century prince who had a lively life, so also has our Speaker Richard, the ‘galloping major’ from the song of yesteryear. He, with a sergeant major’s voice, didn’t need our microphone. Having spent some time at Sandhurst Military Academy in 1973, he had an […]

If Dickens had a camera – 8pm Wed 15th July 2020

The total number of Dickens’s works that have been translated into films or television adaptations now comes to no less than about 80 productions. Such an extraordinary figure can lead one to ask why it is that Dickens’s novels have lent themselves so readily to the 20th‐century medium […]

The Versailles Treaty: Failure or Folly – 8pm 16th September 2020

Come along  to a fascinating talk by Colin Oakes at 8.00 pm, 16th September 2020 in St Paul’s Church Hall, Tadley RG26 3PB One hundred years ago, the representatives of the triumphant imperialist powers gathered in Paris to determine the fate of the entire world. The Treaty of […]

History of Laws in England 8pm Wednesday 21st October 2020

TADS will be having a talk by Graham Loxton-Best entitled “History of Laws in England”. Come along  at 8.00 pm, 21st October 20,  in St Paul’s Church Hall, Tadley RG26 3PB

King, Boxes and Dots: the history of the Royal Mail and Post Office – 8pm Wed 18th Nov 2020

The Royal Mail can trace its history back to 1516, when Henry VIII established a “Master of the Posts”, a position that was renamed “Postmaster General” in 1710. Upon his accession to the throne of England at the Union of the Crowns in 1603, James VI moved his court to London. TADS […]

Past talk : Beer, Sausages and Marmalade;

Food, Drink, Politics and Tourism in 19th Century Oxford; City historian Liz Woolley gave a very interesting lecture,  at St Paul’s Church Hall, Tadley  on 15th Jan 2020. Liz is a full time Local Historian and specialist on Oxford. Her talk considered the provision of food and drink […]

AGM and Social Evening – 16th December 8pm in St. Paul’s Hall

Come along and join us for  the AGM and Christmas Social Evening