Project Meeting Friday 20th November 2020


Steve, Carol, Ian, Richard,Ian, Neil, John


Christine and Paul

Richard  I do believe there is an error in the minutes of the previous meeting: you refer to Dave Collins of Pamber Heath it should be David Cullum of. Pamber Green.

Steve Davidson  Christine and Paul sends their apologies,  Christine also can not do the bank transfer to pay for the talk. So I will transfer the money and claim for it.

Agenda  The Agenda consists of the previous minutes, interactions with Reading  University, documentation of the small projects on the website, and AOB.

Steve Davidson  We previously noted that we have many small projects. I propose that I should  list such projects on the website with either Ian’s or John’s form for a project. This is intended to  give each project a clear  owner and  definition.  Should the meeting agree will  get that done in the next week or so.

Action  Steve to put a list of small projects on the website.  If anybody wants  to add one  just email Steve to make sure it’s on the list.

Carol  Nothing to do with projects. the homepage  still says six months subscription to the site. 10 pound, I think we should take that option away.

Action  Steve to remove .

Steve Davidson  The next issue was action on Christine and myself to produce the timeline for Wyford/ Tadley Manor. We have collected a large amount of information on both. It’s just a matter of now going through this and creating the timeline. Action  Steve and Christine to complete the Wyford timeline.

Steve Davidson   The Major Roller discussion at the last meeting had a discussion about where the horse was buried.

Action  Carol said she would  look at the church records to see if the graveyard was extended around that time. Steve to  provide Carol with the date.

Post meeting note The cutting about Major Roller’s horse from the Evening Post Monday May the 4th 1970 The horse was apparently more than 35 years old when it died They fought together till 1902 so the death of the horse was probably  in the late 1920s

Carol  We’ve got three consecutive issues here, all about the churchyard and St Peter’s burial that  relates to each other, clearing the end of the graveyard and updating the burial list . That ties in with the possible burial and extension of the graveyard to include Gabardine. Dean. So why don’t we leave that with me/Richard because we’re the ones that have been looking at the graves and the photos and the extension of a burial. So if we sort of group those three items together,  that sort of falls in my lap/ Richards lap.

Steve Davidson  The third one of those was scanning in the graveyard list that you gave me. That has probably taken a full day of my effort. I’ve already scanned it in and it’s in Excel and sent it to Richard.

Carol  Yes, but which Richard says he doesn’t think is 100% accurate?

Richard  Steve, that one is almost too big to manage in terms of just the graves because the one you sent me who’s got virtually every name on it and where they’re, where they’re buried in various and a lot of other data. What I think we need is something which is possibly a subset that could be pulled out,  just relating to the graveyards in the older part of the graveyard.

Steve Davidson  It is in Excel, so it is trivial 2 minute job to actually extract all the grave relevant data.

Richard  The other thing I’ve got a partial print off to him is the is the Ralph Bennett map, which seems to go low numbers on I don’t know what they will they relate back to what ours is got the same numbering?

Steve Davidson  The list you gave me it didn’t come from Iris, you said it came from  Richard at the church.

Carol   I said before he got it, I suspect, from the genealogy society, which is Iris/Ralph Bennett. That’s why I said I thought there might be copyright on it. Because I didn’t want to tread on Ralph’s toes without checking that and so I thought it was sort of in my head. I thought we it was in abeyance, and we were waiting for it to be updated. I must admit, I didn’t realize I was supposed to be pursuing Ralph Bennett, or the vicar so I can add that to the list. But all of those things seem to be a bit uncertain are they 100% correct at the moment?

Richard  Well, the only bit we know we know is not correct are Rollers Grave and Rollers cross are in different positions than in  Ralph’s map, which I’ve got in front of me. So I mean, there, there are different ways this the map, it’s got two sets of possible references on it. So each row is numbered from A, B, C, D, E, F, G, etc. and then they’re numbered some cases one through 12 other cases two to 30. So it’s all a bit all a bit strange. And then there is the map itself which has a grid around the edge which is 1 though 10 on this bit, and the other way ABCD so we’ve got two possible references

Richard  I’m not suggesting they’re all wrong but it certainly needs confirming what is right and what is wrong. I was originally thinking that the best way of doing that was a spreadsheet  with certainly them both of these types of references so we can get a fixed position any grave and confirm if we’d get a name of it. But an awful lot of them when I looked recently are just grass mountains so with no headstone whatsoever.

Richard   I found one interesting one there which has a metal plaque stuffed into it saying old contemptible which means it was somebody who fought in the early part of the Great War but there’s no headstone there at all. So I don’t know who who it is and until I can tie it up with the map that might give us a clue and certain that big databases that Steve gave me the other day would be wonderful in in cross checking what else is known about this person.  I think there’s a lot quite a lot of work to do here and then taking pictures of the graves where there are headstones is you know yet another another part of it.  In many ways that’s easy to do in the winter when there’s not much vegetation about.

Carol  Richard gave us permission to put it on the website, but I’m not sure knowing Richard, how far his thought process, was he the owner of this document to actually give us permission to use? Because I have a feeling it’s ownership probably lies with Ralph, that’s my own feeling.

Steve Davidson  I was not going to put it on the main website. It will only be in the members area.

Carol  That’s fine.  I will deal with with Richard about that and say, I know you gave me permission, but does Ralph have ultimate ownership of this document? In which case we need to be talking to him, if we’re going to make any changes to it, for example.

Action  Carol and Richard lead on churchyard project. Steve to put black burial list in members area of website.

Richard  D6 says Susan Jeffries. On the map. D6 has got Wallace D. I’m just picked up is P3, which is Hannah Jones. And this has got A Nash. There is obviously a different map elsewhere.

Post meeting note The numbering in the black burial listing corresponds to the numbers and letters round the edge border  of the map. The cutting in the paper says roller  was buried next to his wife and daughter May and Mirriam. The black burial index say they are in the gave C9 (with their parents). On the map Roller is between Evans C9 and Black C7. Curtis to the left is B7 Christy to the right is E9 Richarson L in the adjacent row to to C is in D7       On this basis D6 does correctly point to Susan Jeffries  and Ivy Hannah Jones is correctly in P3

Carol  So I’ve got to bite the bullet and actually talk to Ralph I keep avoiding it. I haven’t seen him for years.   I’ll speak to Richard and  remind him that he gave us permission to use it on the website. But politely say,  did you actually have permission for that? and about Ralp’s state of health. and go from there.

Action   Carol to talk to Ralph, Steve to return black folder to Carol.

Carol  The  extension to the churchyard, I can do with that with the diocese records. I can ask Richard again, Ralph, because Ralph would probably know might know the answer to that.  Richard photographing the graveyard is not a bad idea, it’s part of the clearance project. But I just thought all those things were related to the church.

Post meeting note  It makes sense that we make the church & graveyard a project in its own right see later in the minutes.

Steve Davidson   it’s a really fantastic resource. Because it’s searchable and, and I’ve got it in PDF format.

Post meeting note The map says by Ralph Bennett 2009  The computer disk that goes with the map contains copies of all the original documents and is fully searchable. Do we still have the disc?

Carol  Isn’t that a sophisticated version of irises burial records folder?

Steve Davidson  No, it’s got more information in that, it is very much a superset. Nearly every record is linked back to an individual  parish record.

Carol  Right so it’s just going on the windows members area of the website and it’s stuff to be worked on them so I will phone Richard and try and get on top of that. .

Action  Steve to put data on members area of  website

Steve Davidson  The discussion about Major Roller information,  it was agreed was that we would do one test item including a teaser on the main website, and then detailed information in the members area.

Action  Steve to set up teaser example on website.

Steve Davidson  Archive issues:  Carol said she’d book the hall for a day at half term, which she did. I’ve put the two boxes I have back in there. And we’re looking at cataloging the stuff we’ve got.

Carol  Clarification on this, because we’ve sort of muddled through a couple of sessions, without actually drawing up any guidelines for what information we actually need to be recording. I know we’ve got the big data spreadsheet. And in theory, what we said in practice, what we said we would do is just record the reference number of any of the documents in the boxes we were doing so that we could then at a later day, match them up with the spreadsheet. But if there were no documents with a reference number on at that point in time, whoever was doing that box should have put a much more detailed description than just an initial sort of header. Because otherwise, we don’t know what that item was, without going back to the box. Do you understand that? Because we’ve been down there and done two sessions now, and I’m not sure those two sessions were, I mean, yeah, we did list the stuff. But as I said, some would have had reference numbers to the spreadsheet, and others wouldn’t. And and the ones that have references, did they get itemized in detail? Because otherwise, we got to go back to them anyway. Well, anyway, that was just my one quick concern that we hadn’t necessarily clarified what we were doing.

Steve Davidson  We need to collect the lists together in one excel sheet.

Carol  I haven’t had Ali’s because she took that big box with all those folders. I haven’t had anything back from allie and you were going you were doing what are redoing the one on the books. I’ve got your original, but I don’t have the updated one. I’ve got the one that Richard did originally. And I’ve got mine. So I’ve got copies of some of them, but not all of them. So I need your revised book list and I haven’t got Ali’s.

If we’re not going to go again now until the new year. And I’ll obviously make some more opportunities to go as and when we can. But we need to be clear on spending that time and spend it actually I don’t think we would charge for that last session. I did ask Christina, she received an invoice and to date, she hadn’t had one. So I rather think we won’t charge for that, which is good. But you know, in theory that we’re paying every time we go, I think we need to be very clear on actually what we’re actually recording. When we’re there.

Richard  We really would for the amount we pay for the cupboard in the gym charging to get access to is I know good money making scheme.

Carol  So that’s why I think we need to make better use of the time when we’re there. Really. I know, we tend to gossip as well. .

Steve Davidson  The list to be typed not not in handwriting.

Action  Everybody to consider how we best get to a typed version of everything in the archives.

Steve Davidson  The next issue was Quaker graveyards.

Carol  I don’t I think this has just been a red herring by a comment I made about Bill Monger. I mean, the bait, the bear podcast, Quaker burial grounds are very well documented.

Steve Davidson   You asked me to look on all the old maps to see if we could find the second Baughurst graveyard opposite the house in the picture in the calendar.

Carol  Bill Monger gave me the information but it is of no  major consequence.  Personally, I don’t thin it is worth pursuing. I mean, if there is another one, then do we want to spend the time searching maps?

Action  Closed Action

Steve Davidson  Next issue was zoom meetings.  I managed to record the zoom meeting. I looked at it the next day, it seemed quite a good talk.

Carol  I had no notification of that I registered when Richard all you have it was sent out the first thing and I did it straight away. And I put in my email address and my name. When I was asked, and I said it was supposed to be you are gonna get an email, email on the day of the talk. Was that how it worked?

Richard  Well, you should get it instantly. Then there was another one in between and one find me about a minute before the start. Did you get any? Did you not get a registration?

Carol  I registered, and also my email address and my name. And I know I switched off and didn’t think about it anymore until sort of tea time on Wednesday, and then realized, of course, I didn’t seem to have anything else.

Richard  That’s management committee business.

Richard Basically,  it was good talk. It was well presented. Interesting. But the discussion afterwards was fairly brief. Because it was all done through chat, typing. Oh, I can confirm that Sandra over the road did actually who’s booked in for it. Couldn’t see it had registered and through the registration did manage to see the talk yesterday afternoon or evening?

Carol  I’d haven’t made any effort to look at it. I might do over the weekend and see if I can pick it up.

Steve Davidson   I think the bottom line on that was it’s a good backup if I can’t manage to host a Zoom meeting. It’s 50 pounds for the talk about 100 pounds for the the author being there. I think Richard was saying the latter is perhaps not worth it. Is that fair?

Richard  Probably, we had about 10 minutes I actually timed it is about 10 minutes discussion afterwards a few few questions and that that was it. The other bonus that you get the  ability to go back to the talk for some anytime in seven days for those that are registering in the first place.

Richard  That’s the third Murthy talk I’ve seen now seem to through the U3A. The first one was first one was reasonable the second one, which was last week. Although the subject was interesting. could have got the basic facts off Wikipedia .  There was a London area copper  involved talking about it, but it really was so slow is frustrating.

Neil  Richard, are they all pre-recorded? Because that was basically a  YouTube video?

Richard  Yes, they are. This one actually worked quite well.  The others it was very, very obvious where the joints were, They were recording in segments and yes, cleaned up and put together and edited. Particularly the first one was quite hilarious in that sense, because the chat was wearing different clothes and had completely different hairstyle in various segments. Which, which added some clarity, but it wasn’t particularly professional.

Carol  Peter McNulty sent me an email saying that he had watched it, but he didn’t like it because it was too impersonal. Without this interaction of other TADS members being aware of what people chattering during talk, he’s actually missing it. So I think Peter missed that.

Action  We will talked about this in detail at the management meeting.

Steve Davidson  At the last meeting we talked a bit about the Tadley Roll. And we agreed, I’ll put what I found on the website in the area where we’re putting small topics.

Carol  While I’m just trying to think offloading stuff from you on to somebody else who might be interested to do it.

Steve Davidson  Looking up history is what I want to do, research is really what I enjoy.


I saw Neil, as a customer. And today he’s done 3 x 15. reprints. He’s working his way through the third 15 copies. I’ve sold nine. So as of Wednesday, we had sold via the website and  Neil 43 copies. It’s much better than I much better than I anticipated.  So it just shows you I think the power of the Facebook and the website advertising. So I think we thank everybody for all their efforts in that department. So certainly pay dividends during lockdown anyway, for sure. He, he did have one hiccup because somebody coming in came in to pay with a credit card and we hadn’t clarified the fact that he only takes cash or checks, which Neil Neil Ford now has done on Facebook The person who went in to pay your credit card was perfectly alright about it. She went back with cash or cheque. And she said she was gonna make a comment on Facebook. So to warn everybody else. So always happy. The only thing he did say was that, you know, while he’s in lockdown, and he’s not hugely busy, it’s okay. And he hasn’t minded to chatting to people because people always want to hold a conversation about something. So he said it hasn’t been a problem. But if he’d been as busy under normal circumstances, as he would be, he would have found it difficult to he struggled to deal with the sales, the number of sales he’s had, because obviously, you know, it’s not, not his job sort of thing. So while he’s happy to do these things, I think it’s only been convenient because it’s been lockdown. I think if we did anything in future which involved in selling things, it’s short, in a short term, like calendars, not the books. I mean, he sells those But if he gets inquiries about books over a course of the year is not a lot. But of course, he’s also been selling books as well as calendars. So that’s also been extra sales. So I think we need to make sure in future we I mean, always willingly sales things for us. But something like the calendars, which is a short term high density input, you know, under normal circumstances would have been a bit of an issue. Yeah,

Steve Davidson  I would say how good the calendar is. I mean, I think Ian did a fantastic job.

Ian  Just as a quick one, it’s out of date  because it because of this new Queen’s anniversary, birthday, extra bank holiday and moving on holiday next year. So I’ve moved the date of the late May bank holiday,

Action  Christine, at the last meeting said she had a problem with money not going in the bank. That is not a website problem. It was just  the bank reports money going into the bank every month. So all the accounts from the website were right.  The issues is that at any one time there will be money in transit from the website to stripe to the bank

Action  Steve and Chris to work out how to create a snapshot of finances on a given date.

Carol  Anybody wants a paper printed version of the graveyear map  Let me know and I can leave it in the porch for collection.

Steve Davidson  Ian and I have  the newspaper archive. Carol asked me to look up for the date of the USA Air Force plaque I couldn’t find any articles about it

Steve Davidson  Moving on to the memorial plaque

Carol  It’s all moving along. You’re at the stage is just said about looking at the wording and print size and everything. And when when we sort of ironed out any problems there we’ll run it by everybody to have a look at for their comments.

Previous Action  John said he might look at something more cost effective.

John Wall  The people working with Carol  on the project seemed to me that the original  estimates were actually  market rates So that was sort of what you would have to pay if you if you just did it on the internet. I mean, Richard came up with a good offer. And then it really was a question of what could we get the board made for? And that depended on what size fundamentally depending on what size of board,  that, again, related to the amount of information wanted to put on the board. So that work was all had all progressed, as Carol said, you know, we’re getting to a point now where we’re reaching, almost reaching sort of a conclusion and outcome on this.

Carol  And we split the job up now to try and reduce the cost. And as Richard said, He’s always been prepared to do them the framework, etc. It was a case of the artwork, which was considerably the most expensive part of the estimate that we had in both cases, I think. So that’s come back to in house in house. So we split the job up and reduced it down.

John Wall  Is it looking as if it’s within budget?

Carol  it is well within budget. So  we’ve moved along with it, because we know we can get it well within the budget by by splitting the jobs up, which is a bit more time consuming, Ian had already done a lot of the art work.

Ian  We’ve got to the stage where we, the three of us, Richard Carroll and myself, thought that we had a usable artwork. So we’re asking Neil to print a copy off at full size. So we can just look at it and see, exactly the text is the right size and is legible, etc.and was circulated to interested parties so they can see if they can see mistakes that we’ve all missed. Or once we’re all happy with it, we then send that file to the company, and they do a second proof on their printer, just in case, there’s a difference between how we print it out and how they print it out. Once we’re happy with that, it then goes to the final printer onto the whatever material is. And then it passes to Richard to fit to whatever frame we work out is suitable. And then we ask for volunteers to go and dig the holes to put the concrete in.

Richard  We’ve got to clear the fixing with town council people.

Carol  I don’t know who does the hell he does that deals with their health and safety. But we definitely need to have one of Richard’s drawings and, and the product in hand sort of thing for them to decide whether it’s, you know, meets local requirements.

Steve Davidson  Right, there is one thing which sort of would come under any other business but it sort of fits in here nicely. We’ve had an email about the talk on Zulu wars. And the person says in it, there’s an allegation the prince was guilty of raping a Zulu women prior to his death. Having studied this for some years and having visited the spot where the prince died. Say I’m surprised at the accusation of rape, along with the fact that the Zulus apparently use swords. I’ve never heard it mentioned before. It appears the author was simply relaying the version offered by the speaker, Richard, and he would be interested to know his source. Do we have the speaker’s email address?

Richard  Yes.

Steve Davidson  He email continued, I found this unfounded accusation of rape wholly unacceptable and although the article includes a footnote stating, there are other considerably less serious  versions of this event, I feel the specific allegation of rape should be removed.

Richard  I added the footnote.

Steve Davidson  I took the allegation off the website . This was the chap who was quite charismatic who also said something about the royal family that I cut out. Having said that, I did actually look. And and I found this reference here,  saying the Zulus said that he raped the woman. finall they said that other evidence supports the army view that he did not. So it clearly you can imagine, it was a politically very sensitive issue at the time.

Richard  Richard Anderson did say it was very much a personal view. What have you done since?

Steve Davidson   I just took out the sentence that that mentioned this.  I replied to him saying I had done this but said that it isstill in our newsletter. In the short term I said we would contact the speaker but not do anything about the newsletter. We would send out a correction, if it turned out neccessary after we talked with the speaker. But I think looking at this, I think there is historical uncertainty.

Richard  I know Richard Anderson, in his talk, said he had been out there, or more, I think, more than one occasion, investigating this as well. And yeah, I was very much into these things. So it says, a war between two historians, which is quite common.

Steve Davidson  So this  explicitly says  that there were three historians around the time who talked to Zulus. And then a relatively recent paper saying they found some other Zulus who disagreed. agreeing with the Army’s version of it.

Steve Davidson   I think we’ve done what’s reasonable, responded quickly, and we’ll see where it goes from here. That’s actually quite interesting reading, huh.  I did wonder if you read our write-up, the sentence was a bit strange. It looked like we might have missed out a “not”.  It says something like his entrails were not pulled out, which was unusual. possibly because he (did not – my addition) rape the girl.

Richard   I think I still think that, what was there, was reasonable.

Action  We could make a decision to put it back. We should contact Richard, hear what he says, and then make a decision.


Obviously, by all means, you need to make him aware of what he may or may not have said. That’s the problem without having recordings of these. We used to have the recordings of all the talks. But without the actual record it because you can’t be positive. We can’t be positive of what he said. He may be able to be but we can’t.

Steve Davidson  It was just before the crisis. A live meeting so we don’t have a recording.

Richard  Well, we know didn’t know in any way that I mean, that must be years ago,

Carol  It was a long time, a long time ago. But it just shows how valuable it is. And I mean, this is not the first time we’ve had something once before we shouldn’t worry about sort of two or three years ago, somebody query something that had been

Steve Davidson  I think it’s quite a positive thing that people are querying things. It means they’re looking website.

Carol  We do need to notify Richard Anderson.

Action  Steve to follow up with Richard Anderson

Steve Davidson  Next item is  Reading University. I got in touch with Stuart Eaton, the chap who owns the copse at the back of the Church, I’ve got a zoom meeting on Monday at 10am with him. He said, all the fields around there are owned by three people. Mr Knight, Caroline Alexandra and John Munday?. He’s going to give me the addresses.

Steve Davidson  The field directly behind his forest, is owned by mr Knight, he’s going to put us in touch with the son because the father is less amenable. He thinks we need to be very clear about our objectives before we talk to the family. He said what we need to be as well prepared because the last questions he’s worried about if it will ll stop him planning anything or or whatever.

Carol  They’re all going to feel like that. Unfortunately.

Steve Davidson  The big question really is, which area are we talking about. The chap owns these fields here. And these fields, so if this bit here is the old village that’s in Woodland, owned by  Eaton, where they can’t do geophysics . Here is Tadley place. There is this wiggly thing which you can see on Google Earth.  I don’t know what that is. Here is the Portway. So you can see the Portway coming across here and through Tadley place. So, the moment our best bet is the village is here,  which isn’t ideal. My plan was just to put together everything we’ve got in the next week or so. And then have a meeting with our Reading University to discuss where to go next. Does anybody have any other suggestions?

Steve Davidson  So if anybody wants to join us at 10 o’clock on Monday, you’re welcome to but if not, I’ll just talk to him and get the information. And I’ll email out what the conclusions were.

Carol  Right. So I think that’s the guy at Wakeford farm as I think I said, because if you look to where the planning application was made,  Well, that would be my thought that that’s who it is. Turns out and if it’s not him, you may have you know, may have a problem.

Steve Davidson  So I’ll talk to him get the information and then I’ll email out what he says. But if anybody wants to join us at 10am um, you’re welcome to. So I’ll email out the zoom.

Steve Davidson  It’s interesting, he thought the Portway came across here. He was quite amazed to find it was so far south kind of so we’ve done something for his education.  I’ll keep you all informed by email where it’s going. And join us if you want to, basically, I think, okay. So documentation of small projects I think we’ve done and any other business, I think we’ve run your business.

Carol  And can I just say one thing? I’ve Caroline and Jeff Rogers joined as members earlier during lockdown. Does anybody know them?

Ian  This has been taken up quite some interest in John Mulford. From what was put on the website. I was unclear about whether she offered herself as a project member Steve, you might know.

Carol    Well, before I replied to her, I didn’t know whether you wanted to. Could you possibly send it to me as well? I will do. I will. I was wondering about suggesting whether she ran with this if we supplied her with whatever we got if she wanted to run with it as a personal project.So that’s only our members only she wouldn’t have seen access had access to that presumably. Well, you want me to reply to her on the basis that we’d be happy for her to continue doing research on Mulford.

Steve Davidson  Yes, could you get her to get in touch with me because I’ve been doing quite a lot on Mulford and,  I’d like to be involved in Mulford

Richard   I  rephotograph his gravestone, recently, right. When I was passing,

Carol  She’s come up with the fact  who he passed his house to and as well, and with the that takes you up to the 1800s I suspect at that point. So there’s every possibility of looking tracking that back on the enclosure documents to see if we can trace that name through any other source. I think it was Guthrie or something like that.  So what do you want me to do? Steve, you want me to send her email to you? And yes,

Steve Davidson  Oh, here we are. This is what she saw. This was an article I put on the website.

Carol  She’s done her own translation and that other fathers I think of his father’s I think she said,

Steve Davidson   I’d be  interested to talk to her about that.

Carol  If she is sending it to Gmail, she’s sending it to the society. So therefore, anybody who has access to that Gmail picks up and it can use her email address.So I will email her and say that we’ve discussed this at the project committee, and that she will hear directly.

John Wall  It sort of raises the question for me in terms of what is a project, you know, and because members may have their personal projects, that I thought that being a member, they, you know, they have access rights, if you like to see to data that we hold in tabs, and they could presume to just, you know, do their own personal research. Does that have to be a project? And if so, does that project have to be approved by the Management Committee or the projects committee? Or is it only projects where we’re looking for a broader contribution from the memberships like the one we’ve just discussed, for example.

Ian  You’re going back to your list of questions and your  set of criteria of what a project is and what a project isn’t.

John Wall  I just even if people have private projects, the society would like I think, to condense all the information into one place. particular topic. I think there’s two days back condensation that they project that belongs to TADS And people’s private projects feed into that, don’t they? There’s two things there is us providing information to the to the researcher, the individual, and the research then providing information as an outcome of the research back into the society. Those are the sort of two parts What we’re saying is members who do research using TADS resources, are obliged to put their findings back into the tax records is that that’s what we say.

Carol  Well, she was offering this information. I mean, she gave me an attachment of what she’d found. So she was offering this information as private research to Tad’s to use.

Steve Davidson  I put on the website that we’d be interested in anybody who could  add anything to this.

Carol  I am complicating issue and it was wrong with me to stay then about her conducting project on our behalf. Because the question and website questionnaire clarified the fact that people were going to have limited access to our resources. So it’s complicating the issue now, isn’t it by me saying that, so I think all we need to do is thank you very much, and say, keep up the good work, we’ll be pleased to receive anything else you’ve got. And you keep you have it, Steve, you keep it with all the other stuff. And we build up the picture. And if she’s doing her own personal research and making us aware of it, then thank you very much and leave it at that.

Steve Davidson  Well, can you say we have a member who’s particularly interested in it at the moment?

Carol  Yeah. So keep up the good work, and we’d be happy to see anything else you’ve got.

Richard  Oh, yeah. Just to get in touch with what she’s got.

Ian  and not necessarily you’re presuming what Steve’s gonna say to her

Steve Davidson  I think if we’re not going to share it with anybody else in the world, there’s no point in doing it is there.

Ian  She may want to become a member of the project group and join tads and contribute.

Richard  Well, she’s already a member TADS

Ian  So she may wish to come on my project group members.

Carol  That’s up to you. I’ll leave it leave right?

Richard  Can I just put a three pennyworth while we’re all together I and Jane have been watching the channel five series it’s finished last night three consecutive nights on the great plague.  Out of that just kind of thought is did it affect Tadley at all? There’s nothing in Fact and Fable about it.  It does mentions the Black Death in the 1340s but there is there’s nothing about the  great plague the 1665/6. So I just saw I’ve got genealogical discovering both sides of the Hampshire berkshire border. I thought I’d just have a look at the local parishes including Tadley Of course, to see when there’s any excess deaths in that period. I suspect. I suspect it went all  round here though. It was certainly Winchester from what we said last night. So it wasn’t that far away.

Carol  Yes, in Winchester, there is a stone tablet. It’s a bit like Eyam village. If you’ve not seen it done by Winchester gate.


I’ve been doing Eyam Village.

Carol  Well if you if you go to Winchester and look up, it’s between the carpark the road there. goes down from the multi story car park down to the gate to the castle. There is something very similar that was the outskirts of the original plague. And that’s where they used to leave money for people to bring them goods and into the into the plague area. So it’s sort of similar idea. But so yes, there was definitely a controlled area in Winchester,

Richard   I just thought if I do this, and  make some notes from what I find whether it’s negative, or positive, probably negative and place it on for the state to go somewhere.

Steve Davidson   That was the time the cottages were burned down.  I vaguely remember reading somewhere that he might have got rid of the people because of the plague.

Carol  Well, that was always the original story by people moved from the church area church right over to where they by the forest

Richard  Well, you know, it’s, it just sort of popped into my head. I’ve got a lot of database from the family history societies and quite quickly, can get all the information out.

Steve Davidson  On a similar level of interest, this is the cottage of Ali’s cousin, which is in Blake’s lane, it’s quite interesting. Noah Blake came from a big building family to stayed in rented accommodation in her cottage house. Later on, he became an influential person  in Tadley he built the Salvation Army Hall.

Steve Davidson  I’ve got everything from facts and fable. But he also I found out from somewhere else, he he built the golf course. And together with one of the West’s was actually chairman of the golf course at one point. So obviously, he’d gone from  the young member of the family and Blake’s lane obviously was named after them. But it’s turned out if you look at Blake’s lane, I found out somewhere else that Blakes lane used to be a cattle drove It is interesting if you go down Blake’s line about here somewhere it widens out to really a wide track we do have consistent of how wide you’d want it to drive cattle but it’s sort of not obvious where it goes either end how . Was a just a way through from the common on to the main road through Taldey or but I thought it was interesting I haven’t been able to find anything about where the cattle drove when but but if you look at Capital drove it seems like they used to drop it used to be like the Wild West they used to drive it the capital for miles

Richard  Well it certainly drove them from Wales to London.

Carol  You have to remember the Americans were down there also.

Ian  might be them.

Steve Davidson  Yeah.

Carol   That’s where the guy related to the Blakes lane plaque lived, the  whole of that area was a big storage area.

Steve Davidson  Certainly if you go back to the 50s where the new houses are now, there used to be a  a huge scrap yard.

Carol  Call me? metals.  (post meeting note ask Carol for the correct name)

Steve Davidson  I didn’t know they were asking for golden silver and there was  scrap yard till about 15 years ago when I said,

Carol  longer than that. But there was another scrap yard. James’s scrap yard farther down, which one sort of ran into the other a bit?

Richard  The one the one beyond the post office was still there. You know, I think so like 15 years ago, like slain.

Steve Davidson  But at the same time as asking for gold and silver, it was offering to mend washing machines in the local paper. So it was kind of interesting how it all starts to stitch things together once you follow up these little things.

Steve Davidson So I think we’re more or less at the end, with 20 minutes to go. Good. Anybody got anything else?

Ian  Just to say that I’ve put up on the website, Richard, and my afternoon up at the graveyard clearing Rollers grave.

Steve Davidson  Where’s that?

Ian  Projects.-Major Robins grave.

Steve Davidson  Oh, that’s  nice.

Ian  I’ve also transferred all the text for the 31 men on the book, onto the website on it onto individual pages. Now at the moment, if you go down to on the memories, Tadley at war. You’ve got the list and it scrolls down to the original sheets. Which, which were from 2014. I’ve now transferred all the texts from the book, onto the website on into individual pages. I’m  slowly moving the illustrations across to go with those. So I know when I’ve done that. I will take  those sheets down. Yeah. link those names to the individual pages.

Carol  Stop people buying from the book?

Ian  Yeah, I was just going to say that stops people buying the book. Well, the book has got more than just the 31 men in there. It’s got the Batman in the background. Memorial. It’s got theare you gonna put a bit up there about the book just to try and encourage people to buy?

Action  Neil and Ian to put a link to advertise book

Steve Davidson   Richards gave me  all the Iris stuff that he’s redacted. I’ll put that back in the next week or so?

Richard  Well, yeah, I’m still working on that. Occasionally. I’ve done another

Steve Davidson  You are amazing. It’ll save me a while to put it all back anyway.

Carol  That leads me on to my letter that I distributed to go to Carroll Cooper. I haven’t had replies from everybody. So can you confirm to me please that that is acceptable, but so I can send it off.

Steve Davidson  Yeah, okay. Right. quarter of an hour early. Anything else?

Carol  unless we’re having a meeting about the Reading University stuff.


Steve Davidson  I have a list of dates.and that was on it. But I think it’s it was only on it on the basis that it’s the first Monday of the month. Um, so do we want to not have that?

Carol  Do we need to discuss anything else regarding this Rob Bell submission for the university? Why don’t we just have a short meeting to discuss that then? And then leave everything else after Christmas?

Steve Davidson  So Friday, the fourth then that that’ll be the nominal time to talk to Reading University if we can.

Richard  Okay. on that. Carol, have you fixed when you are going to this next committee meeting?

Carol  There’s going to send an email out, but if you want I mean, Christine is not here. But I can inform. Christine? Yeah, the 30th of December seem to be the date, which was convenient for everybody. That’s already the Monday the 30th of November. I will contact you, Richard, because I need you to send out the documents that will go out and then we can look at those and confirm that that’s what we want to send. Okay, so if I send that to you, and at the end of this week, coming week, ready for that?

Richard  Okay, because I’ve rebuilt my rebuilt my emailing list yesterday in a hurry.

Carol  And then I’ll contact you because there are two minor corrections to go to the one to the agenda because the dates no different thing and the other ones, just a minor one on my on the report notes that you put in.

Steve Davidson  So we’re supposed to sense something out 21 days before the AGM according to the Constitution,

Carol  Richard sent it out in the newsletter. So  that was their notification.

Steve Davidson  Okay.

Carol  The only thing I’m sending all we need to send out to them is all the paperwork, which Richard will send out. When we’ve agreed it on Monday,

Steve Davidson  Thing that’s vaguely worrying is the quorum shall consist of 30% of the paid up membership.

Carol  Do the committee usually make up nearly half of that?

Steve Davidson  So 30% of 40. That’s 12. Isn’t that’s not many.

Carol  I say we only need eight more.  I put that in a letter I had intended to put that in the letter just to remind you just because it’s Zoom doesn’t mean to say we don’t have to have a quorum

Steve Davidson  All right. I think that’s it. We’ve still 10 minutes

Richard  Well done. makes a change.

John Wall  . Bye, everyone. Thanks.

Ian  I’ll send that email to address you already. Steve. Thank you very much. Okay. include me in the invite to the zoom meeting on Monday, Steve?

Steve Davidson   I’ll send everybody an invite. Yeah. Okay, but don’t feel obliged to turn up.

Richard   Okay. I’ll do that. Thank you

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