From metal rods to Spitfire Production

On the 6th of May 2020  Martyn Rowlands  posted on our Facebook Group:

Hi everyone, the recent ground clearance of the common near Wigmore Park has unearthed some interesting metal stakes which I assume are parts of a boundary fence. Was this part of the old airfield?

Marked metal stakes
Marked metal stakes


Martyn Rowlands  said that there were more so we went back and found five metal stakes.


A draft Hampshire County Council “Tadley Township Plan” dated 22-July-1965  shows three existing buildings on this site. Ministry of works ALG/91 Map dated March 1956,  entitled “Atomic Energy Housing Aldermaston”  shows the same buildings. This map has hand written  annotations (unknown date) that identify the Northern the north-easterly building as a library, the north-westerly building as the Boat Clubhouse and the southerly building as a dentist.


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