Silchester – Calleva Atrebatum

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Monograph from the Silchester Mapping Project:


001-004_Chapter_1_Introduction.pdf (420 kB) : Download
005-009_Chapter_2_Locating_Calleva.pdf (1 MB) : Download
010-036_Chapter_3__Past_Fieldwork.pdf (16 MB) : Download
037-047_Chapter_4__Methodology.pdf (5 MB) : Download
048-156_Chapter_5__Mapping_the_interior.pdf (102 MB) : Download
157-266_Chapter_6__Mapping_the_exterior.pdf (151 MB) : Download
267-284_Chapter_7_Material_Evidence.pdf (839 kB) : Download
285-301_Chapter_8_The_Town_Wall_and_Ditch.pdf (927 kB) : Download
302-328_Chapter_9_The_Inner_and_Outer_Earthworks.pdf (13 MB) : Download
329-338_Chapter_10_The_Linear_Earthworks.pdf (4 MB) : Download
339-356_Chapter_11_Callevas_Origins.pdf (3 MB) : Download
357-368_Chapter_12_Military_Involvement.pdf (2 MB) : Download
369-387_Chapter_13_Cemeteries_and_Human_remains.pdf (8 MB) : Download
388-405_Chapter_14_Urban_Infrastructure.pdf (7 MB) : Download
406-423_Chapter_15_Trade_and_Industry.pdf (5 MB) : Download
424-430_Chapter_16_Public_Entertainment.pdf (5 MB) : Download
431-446_Chapter_17_Historical_and_Archaeol_narratives.pdf (3 MB) : Download
447-448_Chapter_18_Concluding_Remarks.pdf (407 kB) : Download
449-476_Bibliography.pdf (541 kB) : Download
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Monograph (in Series)    Author:John Creighton   R Fry

Abstract:This volume draws together for the first time all the fieldwork known to have taken place at Silchester from the earliest located trenches in the 1720s up until the modern campaigns of Fulford. It integrates this work with a new geophysical survey of 217ha to provide a new overarching narrative for the town. The volume starts with a historiography of work on the city from the earliest antiquarian investigations. This sense of changing interpretations of the site permeates all the later discussion, showing how new discoveries have transformed understandings. The core of the volume contains the empirical data, mapping the past excavations alongside evidence from aerial photography, fieldwalking, LiDAR and geophysics. The final sections provide essays in interpretation, with thematic reviews of: the defences; the development of the oppidum; the military connection; the mortuary landscape; trade and industry; and public entertainment. Finally a narrative overview examines how the town’s remains have been interpreted within an historical setting.



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