History of TADS – communications

This page is an updated version of the article published in projectnews 7 (January 2005).

The Society endeavours to create an interest in the history of Tadley and its surroundings and has raised its profile both locally and nationally through its communications and publications.

The Society’s membership is kept regularly informed via the members’ monthly newsletter and public contact via posters, projectnews and the TADS website.

Members newsletter

This has been running, in various forms, since the very early days of TADS and has proved to be an excellent means of communicating with the membership. Its current A5 format is successful and flexible. Should there be more news or information than usual extra pages can easily be added. Both personal and electronic delivery are well organised and on time – it should be said mainly due to Derek Ward’s skill and perseverance. The posters are also his province and again always on time.

projectnews, three issues a year

The purpose of this free publication is to encourage the continued public interest in local history following the success of TADS publications Around Tadley – fact and fable and Around Tadley – people and places; to date there have been seven issues. As a result, copies are eagerly looked for by its readers. Copies placed in Tadley Library, Profile Print & Copy, Bradford & Bingley – Poulters and Adrian Noad – Property Services often have to be replaced due to the take up by the public. Copies are also welcomed in Basingstoke Library, Willis Museum, Milestones and Basingstoke Tourist Office. Distribution to other local societies has also brought good response. Through projectnews TADS is now an associate member of Berkshire History Society. Hopefully soon further contacts and exchanges of information will occur due to the distribution of our projectnews. The projectnews has also brought TADS favourable ‘write-ups’ in the magazines of the British Association of Local History Societies.

Web site

The TADS website brings in many enquiries about the Society and requests for information. This is often from former Tadley residents who have moved to other areas of the country or abroad. 

The site maintenance is done by Tadley Roundabout office on a charitable basis for which the Society is grateful. As more and more members are using electronic communication this facility could become an increasingly important asset.

TADS is a corporate member of the Hampshire Archives Trust and as a result the Society website can be found on the Hampshire local government website: Hantsnet.

Communication by letter through TADS PO Box address also continues. Enquiries are replied to, queries answered and information supplied diligently by archivist Alan Cooke.

All the above provide a means to promote Tadley History Society as an active group in the area. TADS profile has been raised and more people are now aware that the Society exists.

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